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Irish, North American and World Basketball and Netball

Eirball is an all-time Archive of Irish, North American and World Sports Results and Standings. This is the Basketball website of Eirball.

Within Basketball Ireland there are 4 National Associations or Leagues: National Basketball Leagues, Irish Wheelchair Basketball League, 3×3 Basketball League and All-Ireland Schools Cup (BIPPS – Basketball Ireland Post-Primary Schools); 9 Post-Primary Schools Regions; 12 Area Boards and 32 Mini-Basketball Primary Schools Counties. The Ratio of Men and Women, Boys and Girls is approximately equal throughout.

Links are available below to the landing pages of various league and cup results from the National Basketball Leagues and Cups (1975-present), International Basketball, Area Boards, All-Ireland Championships (1950s to 1979), Basketball Area Boards, Schools and Colleges Basketball, Netball, and much more.

National Basketball League

Quicklinks to the National Basketball League and National Basketball Cups All-Time Results and Standings

Basketball Ireland

Basketball Ireland was founded as the Amateur Basketball Association of Ireland in 1947, and after playing a County and Club Championship format for nearly 30 years switched to a National Basketball League based on clubs in 1973. This became professionalised with the import of American players during the 1979-80 season and the name of the organisation was changed to the Irish Basketball Association to reflect this. The IBA became Basketball Ireland in 2003 and organises National Leagues, Cups and Tournaments as well as entering International competitions.

National Basketball Leagues

This is the Eirball Index Page to the All-Time Results and Standings of the Basketball Ireland National Leagues. First founded in 1973-74 after 27 years of the Amateur Basketball Association of Ireland All-Ireland Club and County Championshps, the National Basketball Leagues have two tiers in both Men’s and Women’s Basketball.

Header Picture Credit: [1] Folan, John | Irish Basketball Memories of the 80s And 90s Facebook Group (2020) Post to Page, January 27, 2020″Fantastic team loved going to see them play” [Internet] Available from: https://scontent-dub4-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/84031072_1023908997993251_8391839803976450048_n.jpg?nc_cat=104&_nc_sid=ca434c&_nc_ohc=eZjapq8zlu4AX9QUva&_nc_ht=scontent-dub4-1.xx&oh=03447b305a695c8d4a572078f382a059&oe=5E9F44CB [Accessed 25 March 2020][Adjusted]

IBA / BINL Men’s Super League 1993-Present

In 1991 the Association merged the Men’s Divisions 1 & 2 into one National Basketball League, with two conferences: North & South. At the same time it reduced the number of paid American Imports from two to one, thinking the Irish playerscould make the step up. The fans lost interest, however, with just one American on the teams, and it is regarded as the end of the “Golden Era”. After two seasons under this format, the two division set-up was reinstated, with Divisions 1 & 2 now named the Super League & Division 1.

The Irish Basketball Association was rebranded in 2003 as Basketball Ireland, and the two Conference (North & South) model was again reintroduced, although the two Division (2 levels) set-up was retained. The Women’s 2nd Level was reinstated at this time also, although the Women’s Divisions never had North & South Conferences.

In 2013 the Super League underwent a name-change to the Premier League, as a drastic attempt was made to fix the National Leagues and the massive debt Basketball Ireland had built up.   In 2016 the Super League brand made a comeback and by 2019 it was stated on the Basketball Ireland website that the €1.4 Million debt was paid off.

ABAI / IBBA National Basketball League Division 1 1975-1993

The Amateur Basketball Association of Ireland was formed in 1947. After 25 years of All-Ireland Championships based on a Club & County basis like in the GAA, the ABAI created the first National Basketball League based on clubs in 1972-73.

In 1979-80 St. Vincent’s Killarney brought in two paid American Imports, contrary to the rules of the ABAI, but after taking no action against them for most of the season, they relented having seen how many fans it was bringing in, and allowed paid imports, changing the name of the Association to the Irish Basketball Association to reflect this. This era, from 1980-1991 is regarded by many in Irish Basketball as its “Golden Era”

IBA / BINL Women’s Super League 1997-Present

IBBA National League Ladies / Women’s Division 1 1979-1997

Irish Basketball Association / Basketball Ireland Men’s Division 1

In 1993 the Men’s Budweiser League was again split between two levels, with the highest level being named the Super League and the second level Division 1.

Irish Basketball Association Men’s Division 2

The Amateur Basketball Association of Ireland created a second level for Men’s Basketball in 1977-78, known as Division 2, which remained Division 2 after the re-branding of the organisation in 1979-80. For the 1991-92 season, both Divisions were merged into one Budweiser-sponsored League with North and South Conferences and American-style playoffs.

Basketball Ireland Women’s Division 1

Irish Basketball Association Ladies / Women’s Division 2

Schools and Colleges Basketball

Schools and Colleges Basketball in Ireland is All-Ireland and includes the National Colleges Basketball Cup and Basketball Ireland Varsities (Colleges and Universities); All-Ireland Schools Cups (Post-Primary Schools with age grades ranging from Under 15 to Under 18); All-Ireland Schools Leagues (Leagues played on a Regional basis with All-Ireland Playoffs in age grades ranging from Under 13 to Under 18); All-Ireland Schools Championship (A previous version of the All-Ireland Schools Cup and Leagues played on a County Championship, followed by Provincial and All-Ireland Championmships, as in the GAA); Schools Basketball Regions (Leagues for the Nine Schools Regions in Ireland plus the Inter-Regional Cups); and Mini-Basketball (A version of the sport for Primary School Children). Men and Women, Boys and Girls are more or less equally represented throughout.

Colleges Basketball

Schools Basketball Cup Finals

All-Ireland Schools Basketball Finals

Irish Schools Basketball was reorganized in 1984, with the Championship, based like the GAA, on a regional knockout followed by All-Ireland knockout basis, with an All-Ireland League and Cup, with the League based along the lines of Regional Leagues, followed by All-Ireland Playoffs and Finals in the National Basketball Arena, in Tymon, Tallaght, Dublin 24.

The Irish Schools Basketball Association (Boys) and Schoolgirls Basketball Association of Ireland were brought together under one organisation: Basketball Ireland Post-Primary Schools in 2003. At the same time the Senior (Under 18) and Junior / Cadette (Under 15) grades were renamed Under 19 and Under 16 grades.

FIBA Europe Mens Competitions

FIBA Europe Womens Competitions

Olympic Games Basketball

With the London Olympic Games in close proximity, Ireland sent a Basketball team to compete in 1948, just one year after the foundation of the Amateur Basketball Association of Ireland.

National Basketball Association

From the National Basketball Association (NBA) to the WNBA (Women’s), NBA D-Leagues (Development Leagues) to NBA 2K (E-Basketball) there is more to the NBA than most people know.

Women’s National Basketball Association

From the National Basketball Association (NBA) to the WNBA (Women’s), NBA D-Leagues (Development Leagues) to NBA 2K (E-Basketball) there is more to the NBA than most people know.

Wheelchair Basketball


Netball Ireland

Netball originated in England at the end of the Nineteenth Century as a Women’s version of Basketball. It got its name in Jamaica. It differs from Basketball in the lack of contact between players, and in the scoring – each basket counts as one goal rather than two points, and the ball must be passed into a zone around the goal where a designated player may make a shot.

It is played in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland with Northern Ireland ranking as one of the World Powers in the sport. There is a League in both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland and was once leagues in Cork and Limerick. Versions of the Sport include Fast Fives and Mixed 6-a-side Netball, with Independent Leagues in the latter in Dublin.

Netball Ireland Women’s Leagues

Netball Ireland Teams

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Eirball is an all-time Archive of Irish, North American and World Sports Results and Standings. This is the Basketball and Netball website of Eirball.