Basketball Ireland National League Men’s Division 1 2018-19

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League Table

Northern Conference      
DBS Eanna161601417100648
Abbey Seals Dublin Lions161241380118636
EJ Sligo All-Stars161151316124633
Bad Bobs Tolka Rovers161061194108430
Ulster University Elks164121147130412
LYIT Donegal16313122215379 Titans16115113214573
Southern Conference      
Tradehouse Central Ballincollig181621597131948
Scotts Lakers St.Paul’s Killarney181531644139745
IT Carlow Basketball171161315123233
Limerick Celtics18991413146227
Portlaoise Panthers17981308138827
UL Sports Eagles174131276135312
WIT Vikings184141302145812


Points System: 3 Pts Win / 0 Pts Loss / Tied teams separated by Points Difference (PF – PA)

Champions Trophy

DateHome Team Away team 


Promotion/Relegation Playoff

DateHome Team Away team 


Regular Season Results

Home Team Away Team 
Week 1 8 September 2018 
Ulster University Elks84LYIT Donegal64
Bad Bobs Tolka Rovers77KUBS72
LIT60Scotts Lakers St.Paul’s Killarney67
Abbey Seals Dublin Lions62DBS Eanna78
Fr.Mathews56Tradehouse Central Ballincollig80
UL Sports Eagles75Portlaoise Panthers81
WIT Vikings72Limerick Celtics78
Week 1 9 September 2018 Titans66EJ Sligo All-Stars74
Week 2 15 September 2018 
Tradehouse Central Ballincollig95WIT Vikings74
DBS Eanna103Ulster University Elks68
Limerick Celtics78IT Carlow Basketball72
Scotts Lakers St.Paul’s Killarney93Fr.Mathews70
KUBS82Abbey Seals Dublin Lions90
Portlaoise Panthers85LIT73
Week 2 16 September 2018 
EJ Sligo All-Stars65LYIT Donegal76 Titans60Bad Bobs Tolka Rovers91
Week 3 22 September 2018 
IT Carlow Basketball59Tradehouse Central Ballincollig79
Ulster University Elks59KUBS76
Bad Bobs Tolka Rovers72LYIT Donegal61
Fr.Mathews91Portlaoise Panthers80
UL Sports Eagles72Limerick Celtics73
WIT Vikings73Scotts Lakers St.Paul’s Killarney102
EJ Sligo All-Stars50DBS Eanna85
Week 3 23 September 2018 
Tradehouse Central Ballincollig99LIT82
Limerick Celtics77Fr.Mathews71
Scotts Lakers St.Paul’s Killarney77UL Sports Eagles73 Titans61Abbey Seals Dublin Lions86
Portlaoise Panthers60IT Carlow Basketball72
Week 4 28 September 2018 
IT Carlow Basketball86WIT Vikings66
Week 4 29 September 2018 
LYIT Donegal88Abbey Seals Dublin Lions105
Tradehouse Central Ballincollig88Limerick Celtics66
LIT67UL Sports Eagles90
DBS Eanna79Bad Bobs Tolka Rovers59
KUBS67EJ Sligo All-Stars80
Portlaoise Panthers77Scotts Lakers St.Paul’s Killarney94
Week 4 30 September 2018 Titans68Ulster University Elks60
Week 5 6 October 2018 
Ulster University Elks77EJ Sligo All-Stars83
Abbey Seals Dublin Lions59Bad Bobs Tolka Rovers57
WIT Vikings64Portlaoise Panthers67
Scotts Lakers St.Paul’s Killarney96Tradehouse Central Ballincollig101
UL Sports Eagles53IT Carlow Basketball85
KUBS71DBS Eanna76
LYIT Titans110
Week 6 13 October 2018 
IT Carlow Basketball93Scotts Lakers St.Paul’s Killarney85
Ulster University Elks79Abbey Seals Dublin Lions89
Bad Bobs Tolka Rovers89EJ Sligo All-Stars65
LIT79WIT Vikings68
UL Sports Eagles86Fr.Mathews89
Week 6 14 October 2018 Titans63KUBS81
Portlaoise Panthers83Limerick Celtics94
DBS Eanna100LYIT Donegal66
Week 7 20 October 2018 
IT Carlow Basketball84LIT58
LYIT Donegal79KUBS91
Tradehouse Central Ballincollig90UL Sports Eagles68
Limerick Celtics75Scotts Lakers St.Paul’s Killarney98
Abbey Seals Dublin Lions110EJ Sligo All-Stars100
Bad Bobs Tolka Rovers71Ulster University Elks78
WIT Vikings72Fr.Mathews80
Week 8 26 October 2018 
LIT81Limerick Celtics82
Week 8 28 October 2018 
Tradehouse Central Ballincollig91Portlaoise Panthers66
Week 8 29 October 2018 
Fr.Mathews78IT Carlow Basketball93
WIT Vikings74UL Sports Eagles92
Week 9 3 November 2018 
EJ Sligo Titans58
Week 9 4 November 2018 
Tradehouse Central Ballincollig83Fr.Mathews82
Limerick Celtics93WIT Vikings78
LYIT Donegal65Ulster University Elks87
Scotts Lakers St.Paul’s Killarney85LIT76
DBS Eanna93Abbey Seals Dublin Lions62
KUBS75Bad Bobs Tolka Rovers59
Portlaoise Panthers84UL Sports Eagles83
Week 10 10 November 2018 
Ulster University Elks73DBS Eanna80
Tradehouse Central Ballincollig78IT Carlow Basketball63
Bad Bobs Tolka Titans69
Limerick Celtics81UL Sports Eagles57
Abbey Seals Dublin Lions81KUBS66
LYIT Donegal81EJ Sligo All-Stars118
Scotts Lakers St.Paul’s Killarney99WIT Vikings80
Portlaoise Panthers79Fr.Mathews76
Week 10 11 November 2018 
IT Carlow Basketball78Limerick Celtics76
LIT92Portlaoise Panthers95
WIT Vikings49Tradehouse Central Ballincollig85
Week 11 17 November 2018 
IT Carlow Basketball71Portlaoise Panthers75
LYIT Donegal77Bad Bobs Tolka Rovers94
LIT83Tradehouse Central Ballincollig104
Abbey Seals Dublin Titans84
DBS Eanna88EJ Sligo All-Stars83
UL Sports Eagles71Scotts Lakers St.Paul’s Killarney89
Fr.Mathews109Limerick Celtics100
KUBS87Ulster University Elks69
Week 12 20 November 2018 
Bad Bobs Tolka Rovers45DBS Eanna70
Week 13 24 November 2018 
Ulster University Titans64
Abbey Seals Dublin Lions142LYIT Donegal70
Limerick Celtics80Tradehouse Central Ballincollig90
WIT Vikings73IT Carlow Basketball79
EJ Sligo All-Stars78KUBS74
Scotts Lakers St.Paul’s Killarney80Portlaoise Panthers76
UL Sports Eagles101LIT70
Week 14 27 November 2018 
Fr.Mathews75Scotts Lakers St.Paul’s Killarney105
Week 15 7 December 2018 Titans98LYIT Donegal102
Week 15 8 December 2018 
IT Carlow Basketball76UL Sports Eagles65
Tradehouse Central Ballincollig82Scotts Lakers St.Paul’s Killarney77
Bad Bobs Tolka Rovers65Abbey Seals Dublin Lions58
Portlaoise Panthers77Waterford Vikings73
DBS Eanna88KUBS68
EJ Sligo All-Stars94Ulster University Elks73
Week 15 9 December 2018 
Limerick Celtics77Portlaoise Panthers58
Scotts Lakers St.Paul’s Killarney96IT Carlow Basketball79
Waterford Vikings90LIT77


Home Venues

TeamHome Court
Tradehouse Central BallincolligBallincollig Community School, Co. Cork
DBS EannaColaiste Eanna, Ballyroan, D14, Co. South Dublin
Abbey Seals Dublin LionsColaiste Bhride, Clondalkin, D22, Co. South Dublin
EJ Sligo All-StarsMercy College, Co. Sligo
Fr. MathewsColaiste Chriost Ri, Cork City
IT Carlow BasketballBarrow Centre, IT Carlow, Co. Carlow
KUBSGreendale, Dublin
Limerick CelticsSt.Munchin’s, Limerick City
LITLimerick IT Sportshall, Limerick City
LYIT DonegalLetterkenny IT, Co. Donegal
Portlaoise PanthersSt. Mary’s Sports Hall, Portlaoise, Co. Laois
Scotts Lakers St. Paul’s KillarneyKillarney Sports Centre, Co. Kerry TitansThe Jes, Galway City
Bad Bobs Tolka RoversTolka Rovers SC, Dublin
UL Sports EaglesUL Arena, Limerick City
Ulster University ElksUlster University
WIT VikingsWaterford IT, Waterford City








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