Month: May 2019

Where have all the other sports gone?

Looking for the other sports that used to appear on this website?

They now have their own sites:

The Eirball Family of Irish Sports Archives:

Eirball | Irish American Football Archive: (American Football, Flag Football, Eight-Man Football, Canadian Football)

Eirball | Irish Baseball & Softball Archive: (Baseball, Softball, Indoor Softball, Little League)

Eirball | Irish Basketball Archive: (Basketball, Netball, Wheelchair Basketball, 3×3 Basketball, Korfball)

Eirball | Irish Ice Hockey Archive: (Ice Hockey, Bandy, Inline Hockey, Ball Hockey, Unihoc, Floorball, Curling)

GAA World:, Gaelic Football, Hurling, Rounders from around the World), Basque Pelota, Scottish Shinty, Welsh Baseball, Poc Fada, International Rules, Medieval Football, Wheelchair Hurling)

World Gridiron: (American Football, Canadian Football, Arena Football, Flag Football from around the World from an Irish perspective: Irish Players, coaches abroad etc.)

Irish Atlantic Sports: (Lacrosse, Futsal, Volleyball, Olympic Handball, Water Polo)

Irish Commonwealth Sports: (Australian Rules, Rugby League, Hockey, Cricket)