Irish Basketball Association National League Women’s Division 2 1991-1997

IBA Women’s NBL Division 2 1991-92

Drimnagh Dynamos1410420
Snowcream Wexford149518
Eagles [Kildare]147714
Thor Sporting Belfast147714


DateHome Team Away Team 
2nd Place Playoff
 Snowcream Wexford76Brunell69


IBA Women’s NBL Division 2 1992-93

Oscar Taylor’s Killester1210220
Sporting Belfast126612
Elan Athlone122104


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Carrick-on-Shannon57Oscar Taylor’s Killester59

IBA Women’s NBL Division 2 1993-94







Snowcream Wexford1413126
Parcelforce Sporting Belfast1411322
Slevin Group Mid Sutton-Baldoyle1411322
Silken Thomas Eagles145910
Elan Athlone143116
Dublin Crusaders143116
Dublin Celtic142124
DateHome Team Away Team 
2nd Place Playoff
 Mid Sutton-Baldoyle71Sporting Belfast63


IBA Women’s NBL Division 2 1994-95

Atlantic Ballybunnion128428
Parcelforce Sporting Belfast126624


DateHome Team Away Team 
Promotion Playoff
 Atlantic Ballybunnion69Oscar Taylor Killester51


IBA Women’s NBL Division 2 1995-96

Mid Sutton-Baldoyle129330
Silken Thomas Eagles127526
TNT Killester126624
Sporting Belfast125722


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Mid Sutton-Baldoyle45Killester44
 Mid Sutton-Baldoyle74Eagles61


IBA Women’s NBL Division 2 1996-97

Buckley Sports Blarney1212036
TNT Killester129330
Firhouse Coasters127526
Sporting Belfast126624
Riverisland Castleisland125722
Silken Thomas Eagles1221016
Atlantic Ballybunnion # (-1)1211113


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Killester79Buckley Sports Blarney75 ot



The Irish Basketball Association rebranded the Ladies National Basketball League as the Women’s National League in 1991. Division 2 was the Second Tier.

Drimnagh Dynamoes would win the Division in 1991-92 on a 10-4 record, but lose the Final 62-44 to Snowcream Wexford. The following year Killester would top the league on 10-2 and defeat Carrick-on-Shannon, by two points 59-57 in the Final.

Snowcream Wexford would be back in Division 2 after one season in Division 1 and would win the title with 13 wins from 14 matches. The 1994-95 season would see a drop in the number of teams to five as Brunell of Cork  took the title with a 9-3 record. MSB wouuld take the title in 1995-96 with a 9-3 record and defeat Eagles of Kildare 74-61 in the Final.

Following the 1996-97 season which was won by Blarney with an unblemished 12-0 record, though they lost the Final to Killester in Overtime, 79-75, it was decided to merge Divisions 1 & 2 into one Super League, with a Regional League below this.




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Thanks to Ann Hanley, Killester and Ireland National Team.

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