Basketball Ireland Women’s Colleges League Division 1 2013-14


Northern Conference
*Dublin City University87134818522
*University of Ulster Jordanstown86230626920
NUI Galway #84418419615
Trinity College Dublin83522021812
NUI Maynooth8082804708
Southern Conference
*Cork IT66030723618
*University College Cork64229322414
Waterford IT62422727810
University of Limerick6062183076
Basketball Ireland Women’s Colleges League Division 1 Standings 2013-14 [Ref: 1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
04.03.2014Dublin City University72University College Cork52
07.03.2014Cork IT20University of Ulster Jordanstown0 #
12.03.2014Dublin City University72Cork IT52
Basketball Ireland Women’s Colleges League Division 1 Playoffs 2013-14 [Ref; 2]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
12.11.2013NUI Galway52Dublin City University78
Week 2
19.11.2013University of Ulster Jordanstown20NUI Galway0 #
21.11.2013Cork IT54University College Cork53
Week 3
25.11.2013NUI Maynooth34Trinity College Dublin73
26.11.2013University College Cork57Waterford IT37
Week 4
03.12.2013University College Cork20University of Limerick0 #
03.12.2013Waterford IT53University of Limerick50
Week 5
09.12.2013University of Ulster Jordanstown63NUI Maynooth56
Week 6
07.01.2014Dublin City University65NUI Maynooth24
Week 7
06.02.2014University of Limerick42University College Cork67
07.02.2014Trinity College Dublin0 #NUI Galway20
07.02.2014Trinity College Dublin49NUI Maynooth25
Week 8
10.02.2014University of Limerick43Waterford IT55
12.02.2014University College Cork52Cork IT57
Week 9
17.02.2014NUI Galway20Trinity College Dublin0 #
19.02.2014Cork IT64Waterford IT48
19.02.2014University of Ulster Jordanstown53Dublin City University68
20.02.2014Dublin City University20NUI Galway0 #
21.02.2014University of Limerick42Cork IT56
21.02.2014NUI Maynooth47University of Ulster Jordanstown51
21.02.2014Trinity College Dublin78University of Ulster Jordanstown79
Week 10
24.02.2014NUI Galway46NUI Maynooth29
24.02.2014NUI Maynooth29NUI Galway46
24.02.2014University of Ulster Jordanstown20Trinity College Dublin0 #
25.02.2014Waterford IT0 #Cork IT20
25.02.2014Dublin City University20University of Ulster Jordanstown0 #
26.02.2014Cork IT56University of Limerick41
27.02.2014Dublin City University20Trinity College Dublin0 #
27.02.2014Trinity College Dublin20Dublin City University0 #
27.02.2014Waterford IT34University College Cork44
27.02.2014NUI Maynooth36Dublin City University77
28.02.2014NUI Galway0 #University of Ulster Jordanstown20
Basketball Ireland Women’s Colleges League Division 1 Regular Season Results 2013-14 [Ref: 1]


Dublin City University captured the 2013-14 Basketball Ireland Women’s Colleges League title after defeating Cork IT 72-52 in the Final. DCU had overcome University College Cork 64-45 in the Semi-Finals and Cork IT had received a walkover from University of Ulster Jordanstown.

The Regular Season Northern Conference title was taken by DCU with a 7-1 Wins-Losses record, and Cork IT had won all six of their matches to take the Southern Conference Championship.



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Thanks to Ann Hanley, Trinity College Dublin

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