Basketball Ireland National League Women’s Division 1 2016-17

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Final League Table

IT Carlow Basketball1211177167833
UL Huskies129376872427
Marble City Hawks127570967021
Ulster Rockets127573971521
Ulster University Elks12397558179
Fr. Mathews12396777319
Oblate Dynamos122107328166


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Semi-Finals  (Waterford IT) 
25.03.17UL Huskies57Marble City Hawks60
25.03.17IT Carlow Basketball71Ulster Rockets54
 Final  (Letterkenny IT) 
01.04.17IT Carlow Basketball47Marble City Hawks55

Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
01.10.16UL Huskies60Fr. Mathews55
01.10.16Oblate Dynamos87Ulster University Elks66
 Week 2   
08.10.16Ulster Rockets61UL Huskies53
08.10.16Fr. Mathews63Marble City Hawks48
09.10.16Ulster University Elks66Oblate Dynamos51
 Week 3   
15.10.16Marble City Hawks39IT Carlow Basketball63
15.10.16Oblate Dynamos69Ulster Rockets83
 Week 4   
22.10.16IT Carlow Basketball63Fr. Mathews51
22.10.16UL Huskies75Oblate Dynamos66
 Week 5   
05.11.16Marble City Hawks52Ulster Rockets39
 Week 6   
12.11.16Ulster Rockets58IT Carlow Basketball61
12.11.16UL Huskies61Marble City Hawks60
13.11.16Ulster University Elks61Fr. Mathews68
 Week 7   
19.11.16IT Carlow Basketball67UL Huskies57
19.11.16Marble City Hawks69Oblate Dynamos48
20.11.16Ulster University Elks64Ulster Rockets73
 Week 8   
26.11.16UL Huskies72Ulster University Elks63
26.11.16Fr. Mathews53Oblate Dynamos38
 Week 9   
10.12.16Ulster Rockets82Fr. Mathews72
11.12.16Ulster University Elks63Marble City Hawks76
 Week 10   
14.01.17UL Huskies55Ulster Rockets62
14.01.17Marble City Hawks58Fr. Mathews43
14.01.17Oblate Dynamos69IT Carlow Basketball74
 Week 11   
21.01.17Ulster Rockets57Oblate Dynamos48
21.01.17Fr. Mathews56UL Huskies62
22.01.17IT Carlow Basketball76Marble City Hawks74
 Week 12   
04.02.17Fr. Mathews63IT Carlow Basketball69
04.02.17Marble City Hawks56Ulster University Elks53
 Week 13   
11.02.17IT Carlow Basketball67Ulster University Elks53
11 .02.17Oblate Dynamos64UL Huskies82
 Week 14   
18.02.17Ulster Rockets37Marble City Hawks56
18.02.17Oblate Dynamos67Fr. Mathews56
19.02.17Ulster University Elks48IT Carlow Basketball63
 Week 15   
25.02.17IT Carlow Basketball57Ulster Rockets49
25.02.17Fr. Mathews52Ulster University Elks62
25.02.17Marble City Hawks51UL Huskies57
 Week 16   
04.03.17Oblate Dynamos67Marble City Hawks70
05.03.17Ulster University Elks73UL Huskies75
 Week 17   
11.03.17IT Carlow Basketball63Oblate Dynamos60
11.03.17Fr. Mathews45Ulster Rockets61
 Week 18   
14.03.17Ulster Rockets77Ulster University Elks83
18.03.17UL Huskies57IT Carlow Basketball48



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Thanks to Ann Hanley, Killester and Ireland National Team.

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