Basketball Ireland Women’s Super League 2019-20

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DCU Mercy 98171156424
Maree 97267561321
Maxol WIT Wildcats 96371461418
Ambassador UCC Glanmire 96371162518
Fr. Mathews 95464660715
Pyrobel Killester 95465462915
Courtyard Liffey Celtics 95462464215
Singleton Supervalu Brunell 9276116886
IT Carlow Basketball 9185197143
Marble City Hawks 9094496380

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Results & Fixtures

DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
28.09.201917:00Marble City Hawks51Fr. Mathews78
28.09.201917:00Maree70Ambassador UCC Glanmire67
28.09.201917:00Pyrobel Killester70Singleton Supervalu Brunell63
28.09.201917:00Liffey Celtics58DCU Mercy81
29.09.201913:00IT Carlow Basketball38Maxol WIT Wildcats88
Week 2
05.10.201919:00Liffey Celtics91Pyrobel Killester82
05.10.201919:00Maxol WIT Wildcats80Fr. Mathews77
06.10.201914:30Ambassador UCC Glanmire91IT Carlow Basketball57
06.10.201914:45Singleton Supervaliu Brunell61Maree76
06.10.201915:30DCU Mercy73Marble City Hawks55
Week 3
12.10.201917:00Fr. Mathews74IT Carlow Basketball68
12.10.201917:00Pyrobel Killester69Marble City Hawks45
12.10.201919:30Maree70Leixlip Amenities Liffey Celtics76
13.10.201914:30DCU Mercy77Maxol WIT Wildcats70
Week 4
18.10.201919:30Ambassador UCC Glanmire65Fr Mathews79
19.10.201915:15IT Carlow Basketball56DCU Mercy89
19.10.201917:00Marble City Hawks54Maree73
19.10.201919:00Leixlip Amenities Liffey Celtics76Singleton SuperValu Brunell70
19.10.201919:00Maxol WIT Wildcats71Pyrobel Killester66
Week 5
02.11.201917:00Fr. Mathews62DCU Mercy76
02.11.201918:00Pyrobel Killester105IT Carlow Basketball57q
02.11.201919:00Maxol WIT Wildcats80Maree92
02.11.201919:15Leixlip Amenities Liffey Celtics51Ambassador UCC Glanmire73
03.11.201914:45Singleton SuperValu Brunell65Marble City Hawks45
Week 6
09.11.201915:15IT Carlow Basketball68Marble City Hawks41
09.11.201919:00Leixlip Amenities Liffey Celtics61Fr. Mathews73
09.11.201919:00Pyrobel Kellester74Maree71
10.11.201914:30Ambassador UCC Glanmire86Maxol WIT Wildcats76
10.11.201915:00DCU Mercy79Singleton SuperValu Brunell69
Week 7
13.11.201920:15Singleton SuperValu Brunell72Ambassador UCC Glanmire90
16.11.201917:00Marble City Hawks60Ambassador UCC GLanmire72
16.11.201919:00Leixlip Amenities Liffey Celtics71Maxol WIT Wildcats80
16.11.201919:30Pyrobel Killester50DCU Mercy81
17.11.201914:30Maree79Fr. Mathews73
17.11.201914:45Singleton SuperValu Brunell81IT Carlow Basketball61
Week 8
23.11.201915:15IT Carlow Basketball58Leixlip Amenities Liffey Celtics73
23.11.201919:00Maxol WIT Wildcats73Marble City Hawks43
23.11.201919:30Maree72DCU Mercy70
24.11.201913:30Ambassador UCC Glanmire95Pyrobel Killester75
24.11.201914:45Singleton SuperValu Brunell64Fr. Mathews75
Week 9
07.12.201915:15IT Carlow Basketball58Maree72
07.12.201917:00Fr. Mathews55Pyrobel Killester63
07.12.201917:00Marble City Hawks55Leixlip Amenities Liffey Celtics67
07.12.201919:00Maxol WIT Wildcats96Singleton SuperValu Brunell66
08.12.201914:30DCU Mercy85Ambassador UCC Glanmire82
Week 10
12.12.201917:15Maxol WIT WildcatsIT Carlow Basketball
14.12.201917:00Ambassador UCC GlanmireMaree
14.12.201917:00Fr. MathewsMarble City Hawks
15.12.201914:30DCU MercyLeixlip Amenities Liffey Celtics
15.12.201914:45Singleton SuperValu BrunellPyrobel Killester

Reference: [2]

Home Venues

TeamHome Court
Ambassador UCC GlanmireMardyke Arena
Courtyard Liffey CelticsLeixlip Amenities Centre
Fr. MathewsFr. Mathews Arena
IT Carlow BasketballBarrow Centre-IT Carlow
MareeCalasanctius College-Galway
Maxol WIT WildcatsMercy Gym
Marble City HawksO’Loughlins GAA
Pyrobel KillesterIWA Clontarf
Singleton Supervalu BrunellParochial Hall

Reference: [1]



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[1] Basketball Ireland (2019) Basketball Ireland Logo [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 13 August 2019]


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