Basketball Ireland National League Women’s Division 1 2015-16

Final Standings

*NUI Galway Mystics16151114482946
*Fr. Mathews16124100183844
*Team Denjoes American Style1611598587338
*Oblate Dynamos169792690134
Ulster Rockets168893891932
Team Garvey’s Tralee167984787030
IT Carlow Basketball1661088896928
Marble City Hawks1641268585924
Longford Falcons16016663101916
Basketball Ireland National League Women’s Division 1 Final Standings 2015-16 [Ref: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
05.03.2016Oblate Dynamos45Ulster Rockets70
05.03.2016Team Denjoes AS57Team Garvey’s Tralee41
12.03.2016NUI Galway Mystics68Ulster Rockets58
12.03.2016Fr. Mathews68Team Denjoes AS60
19.03.2016Nui Galway Mystics79Fr. Mathews61
Basketball Ireland National League Women’s Division 1 Playoffs 2015-16 [Ref: 2]

Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
Round 1
03.10.2015IT Carlow Basketball46Team Garvey’s Tralee51
03.10.2015Oblate Dynamos62Ulster Rockets70
03.10.2015NUI Galway Mystics62Marble City Hawks32
03.10.2015Fr. Mathews67Longford Falcons50
Round 2
10.10.2015IT Carlow Basketball71NUI Galway Mystics85
10.10.2015Team Denjoes AS54Oblate Dynamos63
11.10.2015Marble City Hawks41Fr. Mathews37
Round 3
17.10.2015Team Garvey’s Tralee36NUI Galway Mystics56
18.10.2015Team Denjoes AS62IT Carlow Basketball55
18.10.2015Marble City Hawks40Ulster Rockets58
Round 4
24.10.2015NUI Galway Mystics69Longford Falcons55
24.10.2015Ulster Rockets38Oblate Dynamos58
24.10.2015Team Denjoes AS59Marble City Hawks31
24.10.2015Team Garvey’s Tralee46Fr. Mathews52
Round 5
25.10.2015IT Carlow Basketball70Ulster Rockets40
25.10.2015Longford Falcons52Team Denjoes AS75
25.10.2015NUI Galway Mystics81Team Garvey’s Tralee49
25.10.2015Marble City Hawks47Oblate Dynamos58
Round 6
31.10.2015Longford Falcons37Oblate Dynamos60
31.10.2015Team Garvey’s Tralee66IT Carlow Basketball45
01.11.2016Ulster Rockets36Marble City Hawks31
01.11.2016Team Denjoes AS65Fr. Mathews54
Round 7
07.11.2015Ulster Rockets83NUI Galway Mystics58
08.11.2015Oblate Dynamos66IT Carlow Basketball55
08.11.2015Marble City Hawks65Longford Falcons43
Round 8
21.11.2015Fr. Mathews75Oblate Dynamos54
21.11.2015Ulster Rockets70Team Denjoes AS59
22.11.2015Longford Falcons43Team Garvey’s Tralee54
22.11.2015Marble City Hawks47NUI Galway Mystics76
Round 9
28.11.2015IT Carlow Basketball50Longford Falcons44
28.11.2015NUI Galway Mystics82Oblate Dynamos63
28.11.2015Ulster Rockets68Fr. Mathews79
28.11.2015Team Garvey’s Tralee79Marble City Hawks46
29.11.2015IT Carlow Basketball58Team Denjoes AS70
Round 10
13.12.2015Oblate Dynamos63Team Garvey’s Tralee58
13.12.2015Marble City Hawks56IT Carlow Basketball64
Round 11
19.12.2015Fr. Mathews68IT Carlow Basketball55
19.12.2015Team Denjoes AS48NUI Galway Mystics81
20.12.2015Oblate Dynamos54Fr. Mathews63
20.12.2015Marble City Hawks38Team Garvey’s Tralee42
Round 12
02.01.2016NUI Galway Mystics71Team Denjoes AS56
02.01.2016Team Garvey’s Tralee59Longford Falcons34
Round 13
16.01.2016NUI Galway Mystics72IT Carlow Basketball46
16.01.2016Longford Falcons29Marble City hawks49
16.01.2016Fr. Mathews77Team Denjoes AS65
16.01.2016Team Garvey’s Tralee49Oblate Dynamos57
17.01.2016IT Carlow Basketball38Marble City Hawks53
17.01.2016Ulster Rockets70Longford Falcons36
Round 14
13.01.2016IT Carlow Basketball31Fr. Mathews54
13.01.2016Longford Falcons41Ulster Rockets59
13.01.2016Team Denjoes AS59Team Garvey’s Tralee41
14.01.2016Oblate Dynamos30NUI Galway Mystics81
Round 15
06.02.2016Longford Falcons47NUI Galway Mystics80
06.02.2016Ulster Rockets74Team Garvey’s Tralee63
06.02.2016Fr. Mathews61Marble City Hawks42
07.02.2016Oblate Dynamos53Team Denjoes AS73
Round 16
12.02.2016Fr. Mathews65Ulster Rockets53
12.02.2016Team Garvey’s Tralee43Team Denjoes AS64
13.02.2016NUI Galway Mystics64Fr. Mathews51
13.02.2016Oblate Dynamos68Longford Falcons22
14.02.2016Ulster Rockets65IT Carlow Basketball76
Round 17
17.02.2016Team Denjoes AS60Longford Falcons35
20.02.2016Longford Falcons33Fr. Mathews70
20.02.2016Team Denjoes AS63Ulster Rockets55
21.02.2016IT Carlow Basketball64Oblate Dynamos55
21.02.2016Team Garvey’s Tralee61Ulster Rockets48
21.02.2016Marble City Hawks34Team Denjoes AS53
Round 18
26.02.2016Fr. Mathews64NUI Galway Mystics67
26.02.2016Longford Falcons62IT Carlow Basketball64
27.02.2016Fr. Mathews64Team Garvey’s Tralee50
27.02.2016Marble City Hawks33Oblate Dynamos64
27.02.2016NUI Galway Mystics59Ulster Rockets51
Basketball Ireland National League Women’s Division 1 Regular Season Results 2015-16 [Ref: 2]


The Basketball Ireland National League Women’s Division 1 League title was won in 2015-16 by NUI Galway Mystics with a 15-1 Won-Loss Record, three wins ahead of second place Fr. Mathews, from Cork. These two teams were given a bye into the Playoff Semi-Finals, and were joined by Ulster Rockets and Team Denjoes American Style (St. Mary’s Castleisland – Kerry) after they beat Oblate Dynamos (Inchicore, Dublin) and Team Garvey’s Tralee (Kerry) in the Quarter-Finals. NUI Galway then went to to win the Final 79-61 against Fr. Mathews.

NUIG Mystics were promoted to the Women’s Super League for 2016-17, and were replaced by UL Huskies (Limerick) who were relegated. In addition, Longford Falcons, Tralee and Ulster Rockets dropped back down to the Area Boards, and were replaced by Ulster University Elks.


The Basketball Ireland National League Women’s National League Division 1 was the second level of Women’s Basketball in Ireland in 2015-16, below the Super League, and above 12 Area Boards.

There were none teams in Division 1 for 2015-16, up from six in 2014-15. Portlaoise Panthers had been promoted to the Premier League after 2014-15, and no team was relegated. Fr. Mathews (Cork LAB), Ulster Rockets (Basketball NI), Marble City Hawks (Kilkenny – Kilkenny-South East ABB), and Longford Falcons (Shannonside BL) were promoted from the Area Boards, and no team dropped down after the 2014-15 season.

For more on other National Basketball League seasons see: including more references)



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