Basketball Ireland Men’s Super League 2018-19

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BI Men’s Super League 2018-19

*Garveys Tralee Warriors201641741157048
*UCD Marian201371629148739
*Pyrobel Killester201281581151936
*Belfast Star201281693159936
*DCU Saints2010101579165830
UCC Demons209111621168327
Keanes SuperValu Killorglin206141555164918
CandS Neptune204161599180612
Griffith College Swords Thunder000000


Note: Griffith College Swords Thunder pulled out of the League before their scheduled match on 9 February 2019 – Their results were expunged. 

MSL Champions Trophy

DateHome Team Away team 
30.03.19UCD Marian43Belfast Star84
30.03.19Templeogue BC108DCU Saints95
31.03.19Garveys Tralee Warriors65Belfast Star81
31.03.19Pyrobel Killester84Templeogue BC88
 Final @DCU 
14.04.19Belfast Star62Templeogue BC77


Points System: 3 Pts Win / 0 Pts Loss / Tied teams separated by Points Difference (PF – PA)

c – Super League Champions / x – Qualify for Champions Trophy Semi-Finals / y – Qualify for Champions Trophy Quarter-Finals / q – Enter Promotion-Relegation Playoff / r – relegated to Division 1

Promotion/Relegation Playoff

DateHome Team Away Team 
10.04.19CandS Neptune70Abbey Seals Dublin Lions79

[4] Note: @ Barrow Centre, IT Carlow

Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away team 
 Week 1   
29.09.18UCD Marian75DCU Saints68
29.09.18Griffith College Swords Thunder81Pyrobel Killester86
29.09.18Neptune88UCC Demons100
29.09.18Garvey’s Tralee Warriors86Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin89
29.09.18Black Amber Templeogue88Belfast Star72
 Week 2   
05.10.18UCC Demons75Garvey’s Tralee Warriors84
06.10.18Belfast Star85Griffith College Swords Thunder77
06.10.18Pyrobel Killester63UCD Marian73
06.10.18Maree62Black Amber Templeogue76
06.10.18DCU Saints90CandS Neptune79
06.10.18Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin81Moycullen64
 Week 3   
13.10.18Griffith College Swords Thunder82Maree69
13.10.18Belfast Star81UCD Marian72
13.10.18Pyrobel Killester76CandS Neptune62
13.10.18Moycullen64UCC Demons71
13.10.18DCU Saints92Garvey’s Tralee Warriors102
13.10.18Black Amber Templeogue85Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin70
 Week 4   
20.10.18DCU Saints55Belfast Star96
20.10.18UCD Marian82Black Amber Templeogue88
20.10.18CandS Neptune90Moycullen111
20.10.18Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin67Pyrobel Killester64
20.10.18Garvey’s Tralee Warriors90Griffith College Swords Thunder81
21.10.18UCC Demons86Maree90
 Week 5   
28.10.18Belfast Star93CandS Neptune67
29.10.18Moycullen78Griffith College Swords Thunder83
03.11.18Pyrobel Killester86Garvey’s Tralee Warriors82
04.11.18UCC Demons74Black Amber Templeogue71
04.11.18Maree81UCD Marian73
04.11.18Griffith College Swords Thunder93Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin68
04.11.18DCU Saints85Moycullen83
 Week 6   
10.11.18UCD Marian86Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin64
10.11.18CandS Neptune90Maree84
10.11.18Griffith College Swords Thunder87UCC Demons78
10.11.18Garvey’s Tralee Warriors79Belfast Star89
10.11.18Black Amber Templeogue67DCU Saints68
10.11.18Pyrobel Killester99Moycullen74
 Week 7   
17.11.18UCD Marian76UCC Demons73
17.11.18Belfast Star106Moycullen88
17.11.18Pyrobel Killester56Black Amber Templeogue81
17.11.18DCU Saints86Griffith College Swords Thunder68
17.11.18Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin61Neptune62
17.11.18Maree92Garvey’s Tralee Warriors99
 Week 8   
24.11.18UCC Demons85DCU Saints84
24.11.18Griffith College Swords Thunder108Moycullen88
24.11.18CandS Neptune82UCD Marian66
24.11.18Maree86Pyrobel Killester91
24.11.18Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin78Belfast Star88
24.11.18Black Amber Templeogue93Garvey’s Tralee Warriors99
 Week 9   
08.12.18Belfast Star74Maree80
08.12.18Neptune92Griffith College Swords Thunder84
08.12.18Pyrobel Killester86UCC Demons83
08.12.18DCU Saints79Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin75
08.12.18Garvey’s Tralee WarriorsUCD Marian
08.12.18Black Amber Templeogue108Moycullen79
 Week 10   
15.12.18UCD Marian93Griffith College Swords Thunder78
15.12.18UCC Demons82Belfast Star67
15.12.18Pyrobel Killester84DCU Saints71
15.12.18Maree91Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin84
15.12.18Garvey’s Tralee Warriors95Moycullen73
15.12.18Black Amber Templeogue95Neptune92
 Week 11   
22.12.18UCD Marian80Moycullen63
22.12.18Griffith College Swords Thunder76Black Amber Templeogue105
 Week 12   
29.12.18Neptune92Garvey’s Tralee Warriors95
29.12.18DCU Saints91Maree71
29.12.18Pyrobel Killester79Griffith College Swords Thunder63
29.12.18Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin81UCC Demons79
 Week 13   
04.01.19UCC Demons88Neptune91
05.01.19DCU Saints76UCD Marian71
05.01.19Belfast Star92Pyrobel Killester88
05.01.19Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin68Garvey’s Tralee Warriors77
06.01.18Belfast Star81Black Amber Templeogue83
 Week 14   
19.01.19Griffith College Swords Thunder75Belfast Star90
19.01.19UCD Marian83Pyrobel Killester63
19.01.19Neptune83DCU Saints100
19.01.19Moycullen82Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin57
19.01.19Garvey’s Tralee Warriors70UCC Demons75
19.01.19Black Amber Templeogue94Maree68
 Week 15   
02.02.19UCD Marian100Belfast Star96
02.02.19Neptune77Pyrobel Killester88
02.02.19Maree74Griffith College Swords Thunder64
02.02.19DCU Saints55Garvey’s Tralee Warriors89
02.02.19Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin87Black Amber Templeogue88
03.02.19UCC Demons95Moycullen82
 Week 16   
09.02.19Griffith College Swords ThunderGarvey’s Tralee Warriors
09.02.19Belfast Star81DCU Saints62
09.02.19Pyrobel Killester79Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin73
09.02.19Black Amber Templeogue64UCD Marian72
 Week 17   
16.02.19UCD Marian84Maree83
16.02.19Neptune72Belfast Star92
16.02.19Moycullen77DCU Saints85
16.02.19Keane’s SuperValu KillorglinGriffith College Swords Thunder
16.02.19Garvey’s Tralee Warriors71Pyrobel Killester55
16.02.19Black Amber Templeogue90UCC Demons77
 Week 18   
23.02.19UCC DemonsGriffith College Swords Thunder
23.02.19Belfast Star68Garvey’s Tralee Warriors80
23.02.19Moycullen64Pyrobel Killester89
23.02.19DCU Saints67Black Amber Templeogue89
23.02.19Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin76UCD Marian101
24.02.19Maree81UCC Demons90
 Week 19   
02.03.19Griffith College Swords ThunderDCU Saints
02.03.19Neptune81Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin96
02.03.19Moycullen82Belfast Star91
02.03.19Garvey’s Tralee Warriors88Maree70
02.03.19Black Amber Templeogue87Pyrobel Killester77
03.03.19UCC Demons64UCD Marian95
 Week 20   
09.03.19Belfast Star85Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin84
09.03.19UCD Marian96Neptune69
10.03.19Pyrobel Killester82Maree77
09.03.19DCU Saints95UCC Demons87
09.03.19Garvey’s Tralee Warriors88Black Amber Templeogue77
 Week 21 A   
15.03.19UCC Demons102Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin93
16.03.19Maree98DCU Saints77
16.03.19Pyrobel Killester82Belfast Star70
16.03.19Moycullen56UCD Marian87
15.03.19Garvey’s Tralee Warriors87Neptune82
16.03.19Black Amber TempleogueGriffith College Swords Thunder
 Week 21 B   
17.03.19Belfast Star96UCC Demons81
18.03.19Neptune77Black Amber Templeogue95
18.03.19Moycullen82Garvey’s Tralee Warriors93
18.03.19Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin79Maree83
18.03.19Griffith College Swords ThunderUCD Marian
18.03.19DCU Saints92Pyrobel Killester74
 Week 22   
23.03.19Griffith College Swords ThunderNeptune
23.03.19UCD Marian84Garvey’s Tralee Warriors89
23.03.19Moycullen79Black Amber Templeogue105
23.03.19Maree96Belfast Star75
23.03.19Keane’s SuperValu Killorglin92DCU Saints87
24.03.19UCC Demons74Pyrobel Killester99


Home Venues

TeamHome Court
Belfast StarDe La Salle, Belfast
DCU SaintsDCU Complex, Dublin City
Garveys Tralee WarriorsTralee Sports Complex, Co. Kerry
Griffith College Swords ThunderALSAA, Dublin, Co. Fingal
Keane’s SuperValu KillorglinKillorglin Sports Centre, Co. Kerry
MareeMaree Community Centre, Co. Galway
Pyrobel KillesterIrish Wheelchair Association, Clontarf, D
MoycullenColaiste Iognaid, Galway City
NeptuneNeptune Stadium, Cork City
TempleogueOblate Hall, Inchicore, D, Co. South Dublin
UCC DemonsMardyke Arena, Cork City
UCD MarianUCD Sports Centre, Belfield, D4, Co. Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown







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Thanks to John Folan.

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