Irish Basketball Association Women’s National League Division 1 1991-1997

IBBA NBL Women’s Division 1 1991-92

Naomh Mhuire1411322
West Coast Cooler Meteors1411322
Lee Strand Tralee1410420
Snowcream Wildcats1410420
Dairygold Blarney144108
Tolka Rover144108
Lucozade Sport Killester142124


IBBA Women’s National Basketball League Division 1 1992-93

Naomh Mhuire1413126
West Coast Cooler Meteors1410420
Snowcream Wildcats1410420
Lee Strand Tralee149518
Tolka Rovers146812
Drimnagh Dynamos143116
Snowcream Wexford143116
Dairygold Blarney141132


DateHome TeamAway Team
1993Lee Strand Tralee49Naomh Mhuire48

IBA Women’s National Basketball League Division 1 1993-94

Naomh Mhuire1411322
Snowcream Wildcats1411322
Lee Strand Tralee1411322
West Coast Cooler Meteors1410420
Tolka Rovers145910
Oscar Taylor’s Killester144108
Dairygold Blarney143116
Drimnagh Dynamos141132


DateHome TeamAway Team
1994Lee Strand Tralee59Naomh Mhuire46


IBA Women’s National Basketball League Division 1 1994-95

Naomh Mhuire1413140
West Coast Cooler Meteors1411336
Snowcream Wildcats1411336
Lee Strand Tralee148630
Tolka Rovers145924
Crown Wexford145924
Oscar Taylor’s Killester1421218
Slevin Group Mid Sutton-Baldoyle1411316


DateHome TeamAway Team
1995Snowcream Wildcats51Naomh Mhuire49

IBA Women’s National Basketball League Division 1 1995-96

*Snowcream Wildcats1412238
*West Coast Cooler Meteors1411336
*Naomh Mhuire1411336
*Tolka Rovers147728
Lee Strand Tralee146826
Atlantic Ballybunnion1421218


DateHome TeamAway Team
1996Wildcats69Tolka Rovers64
1996Meteors76Naomh Mhuire66

BI Women’s National Basketball League Division 1 1996-97

Snowcream Wildcats1211134
West Coast Cooler Meteors129330
Openet Naomh Mhuire129330
Tolka Rovers126624
Mid Sutton-Baldoyle123918
Lee Strand Tralee1211114


DateHome TeamAway Team
1997Naomh Mhuire76Tolka Rovers69



The Ladies National Basketball League was given a slight name-change in 1991 to the Women’s Basketball League. The new decade brought plenty of success for Naomh Mhuire (Inchicore, Dublin), Meteors (Stillorgan, Dublin), Lee Strand Tralee (Kerry), and new team to the ranks of the Champions, Snowcream Wildcats from Waterford.

Lee Strand Tralee caused a shock in both the 1992-93 and 1993-94 seasons, winning the Top Fours, after Naomh Mhuire and Meteors had dueled it out for the League title (both finishing on equal won-loss records at the top both seasons).

Naomh Mhuire won the League title in 1994-95, but Snowcream Wilcats won the Top fours, and the pattern of the League winners losing out in the Top Fours continued the next year, as Wildcats won the League with a 13-1 record, but lost to Meteors in the Final. The pattern was again repeated in the 1996-97 season as Wildcats again won the League title but lost the Top Four Final to Naomh Mhuire.

Following the 1996-97 season, the Women’s Divisions 1 and 2 were merged into one 9-team Super League.

Snowcream Wildcats (Waterford) Women’s Basketball Team 1990s [Ref: 10]



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Thanks to Ann Hanley, Killester and Ireland National Team.

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