Leinster Squash League | Men’s Premier 2013-2017

LSL Mens Premier 2013-14

Fitzwilliam A12111015665167
Sutton A1284014574153
Fitzwilliam B12102013280140
Leinster A12570114115119
Westwood A124808313887
Curragh A123907614179
Sutton B1211105815156


LSL Mens Premier 2014-15

Fitzwilliam B15132019182204
Fitzwilliam A15123017398186
Leinster A151050151134161
Curragh A154110114171118
Westwood A153111105174110
Sutton A152121101176104


LSL Mens Premier 2015-16

Fitzwilliam B14131017581188
Sutton A14113016676177
Fitzwilliam A14950153102162
Leinster A14860132128140
Mount Pleasant A14770116136123
Old Belvedere A144100102154106
Curragh A1431109415896
Westwood A1411307317674


LSL Mens Premier 2016-17

Sutton A12102014275152
Leinster A12102013591145
Fitzwilliam A1293013086139
Westwood A12471104117109
Fitzwilliam B12381105131108
Mount Pleasant A1257098117103
Sutton B1201206115861





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Thanks to Johnny Quinlan

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