Irish Basketball Association Budweiser Men’s National League 1991-1993

IBA Budweiser Men’s National League 1991-92

Northern Conference
*Connacht Gold Ballina2220240
*Jameson St.Vincent’s2220240
*Annadale Queens2215730
*Star of the Sea2214828
St. Gall’s22111122
Sligo All-Stars2261612
St. Declan’s224188
Southern Conference
*Burgerland Neptune2219338
*North Monastery 96ers2218436
*Garvey’s Tigers Tralee2216632
*Whirlpool Blue Demons22121024
Marathon Limerick22101220
Lucozade Sport Killester2281416
Woodchester Marian2261612
Galway Democrats224188
Irish Basketball Association Budweiser Men’s National League Final Standings 1991-92 [Ref: 1; 10]
DateHome TeamAway Team
4-5.04.1992North Monastery 96ers97Garvey’s Tigers Tralee84
11.04.1992Connacht Gold BallinaNorth Monastery 96ers
11.04.1992Burgerland NeptuneJameson St.Vincent’s
12.04.1992Connacht Gold Ballina91Jameson St.Vincent’s78
Irish Basketball Association Men’s National League Playoffs 1991-92 [Ref: 1-3]

IBA Budweiser Men’s National League 1992-93

Northern Conference
*Connacht Gold Ballina1916332
*Jameson St. Vincent’s1915430
*Star of the Sea1911822
St. Gall’s1971214
Delta Notre Dame194158
Southern Conference
*Avonmore Neptune1915430
*North Monastery 96ers1915430
*Blue Demons1912724
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee1910920
Oscar Taylor’s Killester1981116
Marathon Limerick190190
Irish Basketball Association Budweiser Men’s National League 1992-93 [Ref: 8; 10]
DateHome TeamAway Team
8th Place Playoff
27.03.1993St. Vincent’s83Blue Demons77
27.03.1993North Monastery 96ers96Star of the Sea70
03.04.1993Jameson St. Vincent’s73Connacht Gold Ballina62
03.04.1993North Monastery 69ers61Neptune59
04.04.1993North Monastery 96ers79St. Vincent’s62
Irish Basketball association Budweiser Men’s National League Playoffs 1992-93 [Ref: 5-7]


In 1991 the Irish Basketball Association decided to merge Divisions 1 and 2 in the Men’s National League and drop the numbers of paid imports from two to one, thinking the Irish players were up to playing at the same level as the American imports.

Ballina made up for earlier disappointments winning the first National Basketball League title beating St. Vincent’s Glasnevin  91-78 in the Playoff Final. St. Vincent’s were again the runners-up the following year, losing 79-62 to North Monastery in the Final.

Following this the League was again split into two levels – the Super League and Division 1

Connacht Gold Ballina – IBA Budweiser Men’s National League champions 1991-92 [Ref: 10]


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Thanks to John Folan.

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