Colleges and Universities Sports Association of Ireland Basketball Intervarsities Men 2002-03

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Venue: National University of Ireland, Galway

Date: 6-9 March 2003

Group Standings

Group A
*University College Cork220133674
*NUI Maynooth211121932
+University of Ulster Magee202711550
Group B
*University College Dublin2201511074
*NUI Galway2111221312
+University of Limerick2021031380
Group C
*Trinity College Dublin2201651014
*Dublin City University211110932
+Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland202831640
Group D
*Queen’s University Belfast220105754
*University of Ulster Jordanstown211107812
+University of Ulster Coleraine202601160
CUSAI Basketball Intervarsities Men Group Standings 2002-03 [Ref: compiled from: 1]

Note: * Qualify for Cup Quarter-Finals. + Qualify for Plate Semi-Finals

Cup Finals

DateHome TeamAway Team
Cup Quarter-Finals
03.2003University College Cork35Dublin city University30
03.2003NUI Maynooth56Trinity College Dublin69
03.2003University College Dublin75University of Ulster Jordanstown67
03.2003NUI Galway55Queen’s University Belfast66
Cup Semi-Finals
03.2003Trinity College Dublin82Queen’s University Belfast78
03.2003University College Dublin69University College Cork73
Cup Final
03.2003University College Cork68Trinity College Dublin60
CUSAI Basketball Intervarsities Men Cup Finals 2002-03 [Ref: 1]

Plate Finals

DateHome TeamAway Team
Plate Semi-Finals
03.2003University of Limerick52University of Ulster Coleraine54
03.2003Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland43University of Ulster Magee35
Plate Final
03.2003Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland65University of Ulster Coleraine49
CUSAI Basketball Intervarsities Men Plate Finals 2002-03 [Ref: 1]

Group Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Group A
03.2003NUI Maynooth74University of Ulster Magee41
03.2003NUI Maynooth37University College Cork52
03.2003University of Ulster Magee30University College Cork51
Group B
03.2003University College Dublin72University of Limerick51
03.2003University of Limerick52NUI Galway66
03.2003University College Dublin79NUI Galway56
Group C
03.2003Dublin City University61Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland31
03.2003Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland52Trinity College Dublin103
03.2003Trinity College Dublin62Dublin City University49
Group D
03.2003University of Ulster Coleraine30University of Ulster Jordanstown62
03.2003Queen’s University Belfast51University of Ulster Jordanstown45
03.2003University of Ulster Coleraine30Queen’s University Belfast54
CUSAI Basketball Intervarsities Men Group Results 2002-03 [Ref: 1]


University College Cork won the 2002-03 Men’s Basketball Intervarsities, held from the 6th to the 9th March 2003, in the National University of Ireland, Galway. 12 Universities entered in total, divided into four Groups of three, with the top two in each group qualifying for the Cup Quarter-Finals.

UCC won both Group matches, before beating Dublin City University 35-30 in the Quarter-Finals, University College Dublin 73-69 in the Semi-Finals, and Trinity College Dublin 68-60 in the Cup Final. Trinity College Dublin had won 69-56 against NUI Maynooth in the Quarter-Finals before defeating Queens University Belfast 68-60 in the Semi-Finals.

The Consolation Plate Competition was won, like in the Women’ds Intervarsities, by Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, by a score of 65-49 over University of Ulster Coleraine.


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Thanks to Niall Brennan and Gabriel McCloyne, Trinity College Dublin

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