Basketball Ireland National League Men’s Super League 2017-18

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League Table

*UCD Marian231851863164654
*Pyrobel Killester231761964169251
*Black Amber Templeogue221661939180248
*Garveys Tralee Warriors221661761162148
*Griffith College Swords Thunder221481807157542
*UCC Demons221391965185239
Belfast Star219121555153527
DCU Saints228141738195024
— Eanna224181642182312
– KUBS BC22220149019326


Points System: 3 Pts Win / 0 Pts Loss / Tied teams separated by Points Difference (PF – PA)

c – Super League Champions / * Qualify for Champions Trophy/ — Enter Promotion-Relegation Playoff / – relegated to Division 1

Champions Trophy

DateHome Team Away team 
18.03.2018Black Amber Templeogue90UCC Demons77
18.03.2018Garvey’s Tralee Warriors78Griffith College Swords Thunder71
21.03.2018Pyrobel Killester73Black Amber Templeogue75
22.03.2018UCD Marian78Garvey’s Tralee Warriors82
24.03.2018Black Amber Templeogue61Garvey’s Tralee Warriors73


Promotion/Relegation Playoff

DateHome Team Away team 
 Playoff (Waterford)   


Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away team 
 Week 1   
14.09.2017KUBS49Belfast Star89
15.09.2017UCC Demons79Garveys Tralee Warriors77
16.09.2017Pyrobel Killester72Griffith College Swords Thunder90
16.09.2017DCU Saints79Black Amber Templeogue96
 Week 2   
23.09.2017Belfast Star109Maree64
23.09.2017Moycullen78DCU Saints85
23.09.2017UCD Marian83UCC Demons80
23.09.2017Garveys Tralee Warriors75KUBS37
23.09.2017Black Amber Templeogue82Pyrobel Killester96
24.09.2017Griffith College Swords Thunder91Eanna66
 Week 3   
30.09.2017Pyrobel Killester61Moycullen66
30.09.2017DCU Saints65Belfast Star85
30.09.2017Eanna92Black Amber Templeogue86
30.09.2017Maree74Garveys Tralee Warriors87
30.09.2017KUBS58UCD Marian76
01.10.2017UCC Demons96Griffith College Swords Thunder95
 Week 4   
07.10.2017Griffith College Swords Thunder65Belfast Star58
07.10.2017Eanna95DCU Saints75
07.10.2017Maree70UCC Demons93
07.10.2017Garveys Tralee Warriors73Moycullen70
07.10.2017Black Amber Templeogue72UCD Marian78
10.10.2017KUBS62Pyrobel Killester92
 Week 5   
14.10.2017Griffith College Swords Thunder93KUBS48
14.10.2017Belfast Star73Pyrobel Killester75
14.10.2017UCD Marian86Maree49
14.10.2017Garveys Tralee Warriors89DCU Saints64
14.10.2017Black Amber Templeogue97UCC Demons89
 Week 7   
26.10.2017UCD Marian66Pyrobel Killester91
28.10.2017KUBS78Black Amber Templeogue101
28.10.2017Maree70Griffith College Swords Thunder84
28.10.2017Pyrobel Killester78Garveys Tralee Warriors90
28.10.2017UCD Marian104DCU Saints80
29.10.2017Belfast Star75UCC Demons84
30.10.2017Garveys Tralee Warriors80Eanna71
30.10.2017Griffith Swords Thunder65DCU Saints69
30.10.2017Black Amber Templeogue104Maree52
 Week 8   
04.11.2017Belfast Star84Black Amber Templeogue89
04.11.2017DCU Saints87KUBS76
04.11.2017Eanna77UCC Demons92

Pyrobel Killester

04.11.2017Garveys Tralee Warriors63UCD Marian92
05.11.2017Moycullen84Griffith Swords Thunder74
 Week 9   
11.11.2017Griffith College Swords Thunder88Garveys Tralee Warriors59
11.11.2017Maree102DCU Saints100
11.11.2017UCD Marian73Belfast Star61
11.11.2017Black Amber Templeogue86Moycullen82
12.11.2017UCC Demons95Pyrobel Killester104
 Week 10   
18.11.2017Griffith College Swords Thunder93UCD Marian86
18.11.2017DCU Saints80UCC Demons78
18.11.2017Eanna75Pyrobel Killester73
18.11.2017Moycullen75Belfast Star80
 Week 11   
25.11.2017Belfast Star66Garveys Tralee Warriors79
25.11.2017Pyrobel Killester98DCU Saints66
25.11.2017UCD Marian82Moycullen61
25.11.2017Black Amber Templeogue97Griffith College Swords Thunder100
26.11.2017UCC Demons108KUBS66
 Week 12   
30.11.2017UCD Marian84Eanna79
03.12.2017Belfast Star75KUBS65
03.12.2017Garveys Tralee Warriors89UCC Demons76
03.12.2017Griffith College Swords Thunder73Pyrobel Killester76
03.12.2017Black Amber Templeogue92DCU Saints75
 Week 13   
09.12.2017Maree60Belfast Star74
 Week 14   
15.12.2017Moycullen83Pyrobel Killester108
16.12.2017Griffith College Swords Thunder77UCC Demons90
16.12.2017Belfast Star72DCU Saints78
16.12.2017UCD Marian88KUBS66
16.12.2017Garveys Tralee Warriors90Maree67
16.12.2017Black Amber Templeogue92Eanna83
 Week 15   
 Week 16   
30.12.2017Eanna71Belfast Star81
30.12.2017KUBS70Garveys Tralee Warriors71
30.12.2017UCC Demons94Moycullen117
 Week 17   
07.01.2018DCU Saints85Moycullen90
 Week 18   
13.01.2018Belfast Star58Griffith College Swords Thunder80
13.01.2018DCU Saints103Eanna77
13.01.2018Pyrobel Killester103KUBS77
13.01.2018Moycullen73Garveys Tralee Warriors76
13.01.2018UCD Marian85Black Amber Templeogue66
14.01.2018UCC Demons124Maree99
 Week 19   
20.01.2018DCU Saints74Garveys Tralee Warriors110
20.01.2018Maree79UCD Marian83
20.01.2018Pyrobel Killester89Belfast Star58
21.01.2018KUBS66Griffith College Swords Thunder86
21.01.2018UCC Demons103Black Amber Templeogue105
 Week 20   
25.01.20`18Eanna62Griffith College Swords Thunder79
 Week 21   
03.02.2018Griffith College Swords Thunder89Maree65
03.02.2018Belfast Star71Eanna62
03.02.2018DCU Saints71UCD Marian70
03.02.2018Moycullen72UCC Demons85
03.02.2018Garveys Tralee Warriors84Pyrobel Killester72
03.02.2018Black Amber Templeogue96KUBS76
04.02.2018UCC Demons78UCD Marian95
 Week 22   
10.02.2018Pyrobel Killester79UCD Marian73
10.02.2018DCU Saints56Griffith College Swords Thunder85
10.02.2018Eanna75Garveys Tralee Warriors78
10.02.2018Maree82Black Amber Templeogue90
11.02.2018UCC Demons83Belfast Star66
 Week 23   
15.02.2018Eanna46UCD Marian72
17.02.2018Griffith College Swords Thunder81Moycullen61
17.02.2018UCD Marian86Garveys Tralee Warriors83
17.02.2018Maree72Pyrobel Killester79
17.02.2018KUBS87DCU Saints86
17.02.2018Black Amber Templeogue74Belfast Star70
18.02.2018UCC Demons74Eanna73
 Week 24   
23.02.2018Belfast Star92UCD Marian81
24.02.2018Pyrobel Killester86UCC Demons77
24.02.2018DCU Saints109Maree102
24.02.2018Garveys Tralee Warriors75Griffith Swords Thunder74
25.02.2018Moycullen71Black Amber Templeogue88
 Week 26   
06.03.2018Pyrobel Killester92Black Amber Templeogue63
07.03.2018UCD Marian75Griffith College Swords Thunder69
08.03.2018Black Amber Templeogue97Garveys Tralee Warriors88
10.03.2018Griffith College Swords Thunder76Black Amber Templeogue86
10.03.2018DCU Saints79Pyrobel Killester102
10.03.2018Moycullen59UCD Marian73
10.03.2018Garveys Tralee Warriors74Belfast Star58
10.03.2018KUBS77UCC Demons90
11.03.2018Pyrobel Killester87Eanna47
11.03.2018Belfast Star Moycullen 
11.03.2018UCC Demons97DCU Saints72
 Title Playoff   
17.03.2018Pyrobel Killester71UCD Marian72


Home Venues

TeamHome Court
Belfast StarMethodist College, Belfast
DCU SaintsDCU Complex, Dublin City
EannaColaiste Eanna, Ballyroan, D16, Co. South Dublin
Garveys Tralee WarriorsTralee, Co. Kerry
Griffith Swords ThunderALSAA, D, Co. Fingal
KUBSGreendale, Dublin City
MareeCalasanctius College, Oranmore, Co. Galway
Pyrobel KillesterIrish Wheelchair Association, Clontarf, D
SSE Airtricity MoycullenThe Jes, Galway City
TempleogueOblate Hall, Inchicore, D, Co. South Dublin
UCC DemonsMardyke Arena, Cork City
UCD MarianUCD, D4, Co. Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown
Quarter-FinalsNational Basketball Arena, Tallaght, Co. South Dublin
Semi-Final 1UL Arena, University of Limerick, Co. limerick
Semi-Final 2National Basketball Arena, Tallaght, Co. South Dublin
FinalWaterford IT, Co. Waterford




Week 21 – 3-4 February 2018 [3]

Tralee’s Trae Pemberton shot a game-high 38 points as Garveys Tralee Warriors defeated Pyrobel Killester in a top-of-the-table clash by 84-72. Tralee’s first half lead was enough for the win, despite Killester’s third quarter run.[3]

The Dublin Derby saw a shock UCD Marian defeat at the hands of struggling DCU Saints. The league leaders lost only their third match of the league season by a slender 71-70. In an exhilirating end Dee Proby went to the free-throw line after being fouled and netted the two game-winning points.[3]

Meanwhile, in other matches, Templeogue won 96-76 against winless KUBS, while neighbours Eanna lost to Star in their trip to Belfast by a 71-62 scoreline. A first half lead wasn’t enough for Moycullen as they went down 72-85 in NUIG to UCC Demons. Demons, however, would lose their second game of the weekend on sunday, 78-95 in a home match with UCD Marian, UCD making up for their shock loss the day before.[3]

Week 22: 10-11 February 2018 [4]

Killester 79 UCD Marian 73 :Killester got revenge over UCD Marian after their Cup Semi-Final defeat. They went into the lead in the third quarter and made a few crucial baskets and free throws towards the end to seal the win.[4]

Eanna 74 Tralee Warriors 78 : Kieran Donaghy was the star as Tralee Warriors took over top spot with this close win over Eanna. Eanna had drawn level with minutes to go with baskets from Conor Whyte and Mylynue Reeves, however, 3 baskets from two trips to the free throw line from Donaghy was enough to send Tralee top.[4]

DCU Saints 56 Griffith College Swords Thunder 85: Swords got revenge for two defeats earlier this season to their North Dublin rivals. The win put the Griffith College side into second in the table[4]

Maree 81 Templeogue 90: Templeogue came back from a third quarter deficit to win a tight one against Maree in Galway. Mike Bonaparte (23 Pts) and Neil Randolph (17 Pts) were the stars for Templeogue as a shock loss was narrowly avoided.[4]

KUBS 71 Moycullen 87: The Galway picked up a win in Dublin against bottom side KUBS. Brandon McGuire scored a huge 32 points as they ran out comfortable winners.[4]

UCC Demons 83 Belfast Star 66: UCC Demons ran out winners in this mid-table clash to keep up their slim hopes of a top four finish.[4]

Week 23: 15-18 February 2018

Eanna 46 UCD Marian 72: UCD Marian took back top spot following a convincing win over Eanna in Rathfarnham.[5]

UCD Marian 86 Tralee Warriors 83: Sharp shooting from UCD’s Dan James, who scored 25 points was enough for a close victory over Tralee in this top-of-the-table clash. UCD’s Ioannis Liapakis commented it was a “really, really difficult game” as only three points separated the sides.[5]

Griffith College Swords Thunder 81 Moycullen 61: Griffith College kept up their challenge on league leaders UCd with this 20 point win over Galway side Moycullen.[5]

Templeogue 74 Belfast Star 70: “Sheer grit” from Templeogue was what it took to win this close encounter with Belfast star.[5]

KUBS 87 DCU Saints 86: The Kilbarrack side got their first win of the season with a last minute Kevin O’Hanlon shot.[5]

Maree 72 Killester 79: Killester kept pace with the top three with this narrow victory in Galway.[5]

UCC Demons 74 Eanna 73: UCC Demons won with an Adrian O’Sullivan basket with seconds left to solidify their mid-table position and leave Eanna still in relegation trouble.[5]

Week 24: 23-25 February 2018

With UCD Marian losing leaving four of the top five teams on five losses each the scene was set for an exciting climax to the season.[6]

Belfast Star 92 UCD Marian 81: Keelin Cairns top-scored for Belfast on 23 points as Star shocked the league leaders.[6]

Killester 86 UCC Demons 77: Royce Williams (21) was the top shooter for Killester as they overcame UCC in Dublin.[6]

DCU Saints 109 Maree 102: Both teams racked up over 100 points in this bottom-half-of-the-table clash. Dee Proby scored a massive 43 for DCU as they defeated the Galway team.[6]

Tralee Warriors 75 Griffith College Swords Thunder 74: This top-of-the-table clash came down to a single point as Goran Pantovic scored a late hook shot to give the Kerrymen victory. The win left Tralee tied at the top on points.[6]

KUBS 75 Eanna 67: Bottom of the table KUBS secured their second win in a row as they piled relegation worries on fellow strugglers Eanna in this Dublin derby. Brian Andrews netted 30 points to give the Kilbarrack side a vital win.[6]

Moycullen 71 Templeogue 88: Jason Killeen (21) was top-scorer as Templeogue stayed in sight of the leaders with this win.[6]




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