Basketball Ireland Post-Primary Schools All-Ireland Schools League U19 A Boys 2017-18

Knockout Stage

DateHome Team Away Team 
06.02.18S1 – Gael Cholaiste Mhuire AG64Templeogue College50
06.02.18Summerhill Sligo55St. Macartan’s Monaghan54
06.02.18W1 – St. Joseph’s College Bish56Crescent Comprehensive42
06.02.18N/NW1 – St. Malachy’s Belfast37Intermediate School Killorglin40
09.04.18Gael Cholaiste Mhuire AG48Intermediate School Killorglin55
09.04.18St. Joseph’s College The Bish62Summerhill College Sligo52
26.02.18St. Joseph’s College The Bish52Intermediate School Killorglin35



Pool A      
E1 – Templeogue College      
N/NW2 – Malachy’s/Summerhill/OLSPK      
M/SE2 – Cholaiste Choilm Tullamore      
NE3 – Virginia College (Host)      
Pool B      
E2 – Oatlands College (Host)      
N/NW3 – Malachy’s/Summerhill/OLSPK      
S2 – Colaiste Choilm Ballincollig      
South West 3      
Pool C      
E3 – Malahide CS      
NE2 – St. Peter’s Dunboyne      
M/SE1 – St. Mary’s CBS Portlaoise (Host)      
South West 2      
Pool D      
NE1 – St. Macartans Monaghan      
E4 – Colaiste Pobail Setanta      
W2 – Colaiste Iognaid (The Jes)      
S3 – St. Aidan’s CC Cork (Host)      


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Pool A   
21.01.2018Virginia College Templeogue College 
21.01.2018Malachy’s/Summerhill/OLSPK Cholaiste Choilm Tullamore 
21.01.2018Templeogue College Malachy’s/Summerhill/OLSPK 
21.01.2018Cholaiste Choilm Tullamore Virginia College 
21.01.2018Templeogue College Cholaiste Choilm Tullamore 
21.01.2018Virginia College Malachy’s/Summerhill/OLSPK 
 Pool B   
21.01.2018Oatlands College South West 3 
21.01.2018Malachy’s/Summerhill/OLSPK Colaiste Choilm Ballincollig 
21.01.2018South West 3 Malachy’s/Summerhill/OLSPK 
21.01.2018Colaiste Choilm Ballincollig Oatlands College 
21.01.2018South West 3 Colaiste Choilm Ballincollig 
21.01.2018Oatlands College Malachy’s/Summerhill/OLSPK 
 Pool C   
21.01.2018St. Mary’s CBS Portlaoise St. Peter’s Dunboyne 
21.01.2018Malahide CS South West 2 
21.01.2018St. Peter’s Dunboyne Malahide CS 
21.01.2018South West 2 St. Mary’s CBS Portlaoise 
21.01.2018St. Peter’s Dunboyne South West 2 
21.01.2018St. Mary’s CBS Portlaoise Malahide CS 
 Pool D   
21.01.2018St. Aidan’s CC Cork Colaiste Iognaid (The Jes) 
21.01.2018Colaiste Pobail Setanta St. Macartans Monaghan 
21.01.2018Colaiste Iognaid (The Jes) Colaiste Pobail Setanta 
21.01.2018St. Macartans Monaghan St. Aidan’s CC Cork 
21.01.2018Colaiste Iognaid (The Jes) St. Macartans Monaghan 
21.01.2018St. Aidan’s CC Cork Colaiste Pobail Setanta 





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Thanks to Jim Naughton, Colaiste Eanna & Barry Wyse, Templeogue College.

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