Irish Basketball Association Men's Super League 1994-95

Final Table

*Oscar Taylors Killester149518
*Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s148616
*Delta Notre Dame148616
*Chambourcy Ballina147714
*Star of the Sea146812
*Garvey’s Tigers Tralee146812
*Queen’s Strongbow142124

Reference: [1] *Qualify for All-Ireland Championships along with top 8 Division 1 sides

All-Ireland Championships

DateHome TeamAway Team
Round 11st Leg
12.03.1995Oscar Taylors Killester100MSB88
12.03.1995Chambourcy Ballina107Sligo Dairies83
12.03.1995Garvey’s Tigers Tralee97Dungannon92
12.03.1995Delta Notre Dame91Marathon71
12.03.1995Queen’s Strongbow61Kerry Spring Water83
12.03.1995Star of the Sea108North Monastery77
12.03.1995Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s118Tolka Rovers65
Round 12nd Leg
19.03.1995Kerry Spring Water122Queens Strongbow79
(Kerry win 206-144 on agg.)
19.03.1995MSB91Oscar Taylors Killester122
(Killester won 222-179 on agg.)
19.03.1995Sligo Dairies80Chambourcy Ballina77
(Ballina won 184-163 on agg.)
19.03.1995Dungannon102Garveys Tigers Tralee92
(Dungannon won 197-175 on Agg.)
(Neptune won 201-157 on agg.)
19.03.1995Marathon Limerick86Delta Notre Dame90
(Notre Dame won 181-157 on agg.)
19.03.1995Tolka Rovers100Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s88
(St. Vincent’s won 206-165 on agg.)
19.03.1995North Monastery82Star of the Sea90
(Star won 198-159 on agg.)
24.03.1995Neptune74Star of the Sea73
24.03.1995Delta Notre Dame77Chambourcy Ballina70
25.03.1995Oscar Taylors Killester70Kerry Spring Water75
25.03.1995Marathon Sports St. Vincent’sWDungannonL
Semi-Finals@NBA, Tallaght
25.03.1995Kerry Spring Water75Oscar Taylors Killester70
25.03.1995Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s78Dungannon70
Final@NBA, Tallaght
26.03.1995Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s103Delta Notre Dame88

Reference: [2-8]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
09.10.1994Oscar Taylors Killester112Garveys Tigers Tralee100
09.10.1994Chambourcy Ballina85Delta Notre Dame78
09.10.1994Neptune98Star of the Sea109
09.10.1994St. Vincent’s82Queen’s Strongbow87
Week 2
16.10.1994Garveys Tralee Tigers72Chambourcy Ballina71
16.10.1994Queens Strongbow81Killester101
16.10.1994Delta Notre Dame89Neptune105
16.10.1994Star of the Sea88St. Vincent’s73
Week 3
30.10.1994Garvey’s Tigers Tralee80St. Vincent’s85
30.10.1994Chambourcy Ballina88Star of the Sea75
30.10.1994Neptune122Queens Strongbow87
30.10.1994Delta Notre Dame96Oscar Taylors Killester91
Week 4
06.11.1994Star of the Sea94Oscar Taylors Killester97
06.11.1994Garveys Tigers Tralee93Neptune102
06.11.1994Queens Strongbow83Chambourcy Ballina96
06.11.1994Delta Notre Dame92St. Vincent’s83
Week 5
28.11.1994Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s81Chambourcy Ballina69
28.11.1994Neptune81Oscar Taylors Killester77
28.11.1994Queens Strongbow96Star of the Sea83
28.11.1994Delta Notre Dame109Garveys Tigers Tralee108
Week 6
04.12.1994Chambourcy Ballina91Neptune77
04.12.1994Garveys Tigers Tralee104Queens Strongbow70
04.12.1994Star of the Sea91Delta Notre Dame106
04.12.1994Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s76Oscar Taylors Killester83
Week 7
11.12.1994Neptune79Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s76
11.12.1994Oscar Taylors Killester88Chambourcy Ballina75
11.12.1994Queens Strongbow82Delta Notre Dame96
11.12.1994Garveys Tigers Tralee106Star of the Sea91
Week 8
08.01.1995Connacht Gold Ballina70Oscar Taylors Killester84
08.01.1995Delta Notre Dame112Queens Strongbow98
08.01.1995Marathon Sports St.Vincent’s82Neptune80
08.01.1995Star of the Sea97Garveys Tigers Tralee94
Week 9
15.01.1995Star of the Sea93Neptune99
15.01.1995Garveys Tigers Tralee96Oscar Taylors Killester91
15.01.1995Delta Notre Dame83Chambourcy Ballina77
15.01.1995Queens Strongbow88Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s92
Week 10
22.01.1995Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s92Star of the Sea74
22.01.1995Chambourcy Ballina111Garveys Tigers Tralee89
22.01.1995Oscar Taylors Killester104Queens Strongbow81
22.01.1995Neptune102Delta Notre Dame86
Week 11
05.02.1995Oscar Taylors Killester91Delta Notre Dame85
05.02.1995Star of the Sea73Chambourcy Ballina72
05.02.1995Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s111Garveys Tigers Tralee95
05.02.1995Queens Strongbow90Neptune96
Week 12
12.02.1995Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s90Delta Notre Dame81
12.02.1995Chambourcy Ballina94Queens Strongbow98
12.02.1995Oscar Taylors Killester95Star of the Sea78
12.02.1995Neptune91Garveys Tigers Tralee94
Week 13
19.02.1995Oscar Taylors Killester95Neptunde108
19.02.1995Chambourcy Ballina93Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s90
19.02.1995Garveys Tigers Tralee85Delta Notre Dame89
19.02.1995Star of the Sea95Queens Strongbow80
Week 14
27.02.1995Neptune101Chambourcy Ballina84
27.02.1995Oscar Taylors Killester101Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s111
27.02.1995Delta Notre Dame71Star of the Sea72
27.02.1995Queens Strongbow93Garveys Tigers Tralee102

Reference: [9-24]


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