Basketball Ireland National League Women’s Division 1 2013-2019


BI National League Women’s Division 1 2013-14

*Portlaoise Panthers1210232
*Tm McCarthy’s St. Mary’s128428
*Tralee Imperials128428
*Oblate Dynamos127526
NUIG Mystics125722
IT Carlow124820
UL Huskies #(-1)1201211


DateHome TeamAway team
Team Tom McCarthy’s44Tralee Imperials59
Portlaoise Panthers71Oblate Dynamos71
Portlaoise Panthers33Tralee Imperials51


BI National League Women’s Division 1 2014-15

*Portlaoise Panthers1010030
*Team Denjoes American Style [St. Mary’s]105520
*Oblate Dynamos105520
*Garvey’s Tralee Imperials104618
NUIG Mystics104618
IT Carlow102814


DateHome TeamAway team
Semi-Finals 1st Leg
Garvey’s Tralee Imperials51Portlaoise Panthers62
Oblate Dynamos65Team Denjoes American Style64
Semi-Finals 2nd Leg
Portlaoise Panthers50Garvey’s Tralee Imperials53
Team Denjoes American Style65Oblate Dynamos68
Portlaoise Panthers59Oblate Dynamos63


BI National League Women’s Division 1 2015-16

*NUIG Mystics1615146
*Fr. Mathews1612440
*Team Denjoes American Style1611538
*Oblate Dynamos169734
*Ulster Rockets168832
*Team Garvey’s Tralee167930
IT Carlow1661028
Marble City Hawks1641224
Longford Falcons1601616


DateHome TeamAway team
Oblate Dynamos45Ulster Rockets70
Team Denjoes American Style57Team Garvey’s Tralee41
NUIG Mystics68Ulster Rockets58
Fr. Mathews68Team Denjoes American Style60
NUIG Mystics79Fr. Mathews61


BI National League Women’s Division 1 2016-17

IT Carlow Basketball1211177167833
UL Huskies129376872427
Marble City Hawks127570967021
Ulster Rockets127573971521
Ulster University Elks12397558179
Fr. Mathews12396777319
Oblate Dynamos122107328166


DateHome TeamAway Team
Semi-Finals (WIT)
25.03.2017UL Huskies57Marble City Hawks60
25.03.2017IT Carlow Basketball71Ulster Rockets54
Final (LYIT)
01.04.2017IT Carlow Basketball47Marble City Hawks55


BI WNL Division 1 2017-18

Marble City Hawks1211176965933
UL Huskies127580374421
Fr Mathews127580977521
Griffith College Swords Thunder126681879918
FabPlus North West12397188549
Ulster University Elks122107478466

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DateHome TeamAway team
18.03.18Marble City Hawks75Griffith College Swords Thunder52
18.03.18UL Huskies61Fr. Mathews73
24.03.18Marble City Hawks43Fr. Mathews48

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BI WNL Division 1 2018-19

Northern Conference
*Ulster University Elks13112109992033
*Trinity Meteors138588383224
Phoenix Rockets136799593518
Fabplus North West134978295712
Swords Thunder1331087310229
Southern Conference
*Portlaoise Panthers1310394583730
Team Tom McCarthys St. Mary’s135886586415
UL Huskies1331080010369
Limerick Celtics132117229446

Reference: [11]

DateHome TeamAway Team
23.03.19Trinity Meteors69Phoenix Rockets79
23.03.19Portlaoise Panthers58Team Tom McCarthys St. Mary’s62
30.03.19Ulster University Elks83Team Tom McCarthys St. Mary’s68
30.03.19Maree84Phoenix Rockets76
14.04.19Maree73Ulster University Elks65

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Basketball Ireland rebranded the Super League as the Premier League in 2013, but Division 1 remained the same.

In 2013-14 Portlaoise Panthers won the Division 1 title, but lost the Playoff Final to Tralee Imperials 51-33. The following year saw a repeat of the previous year for Portlaoise, again winning the League title, this time undefeated, but again going down in the Playoff Final, losing this time 63-59 to Oblate Dynamoes of Dublin. They were, however, promoted to the Premier League.

In 2015-16, NUI Galway Mystics completed the League and Playoff double, winning 79-61 in the Final against Fr. Mathews of Cork. Again the League champions failed in the Playoff Final in 2016-17, as IT Carlow lost out to neighbours Marble City Hawks of Kilkenny, 55-47, but were promoted.

In 2017-18, Marble City Hawks continued the pattern of League winners failing in the Playoff Final, as they lost to Fr. Mathews 48-43. For 2018-19 the Division was split into Northern and Southern Conferences, with Conference champions, Maree of Galway and Ulster University Elks, successfully negotiating the Playoffs and meeting in the Final, which was won by Maree, 73-65.




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