Irish Basketball Association Men’s Super League 1997-98

Final Standings 1997-98

Star of the Sea18171  52
Denny Notre Dame18135  44
Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s18108  38
Killester18108  38
Dungannon1899  36
Longnecks Ballina18810  34
UCD Marian18711  32
Kerry Spring Water Killarney18612  30
Neptune18513  28
Garvey’s Tigers Tralee18513  28
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National Championships

DateHome Team Away Team 
 15.03.1998Star of the Sea94Killester72
 15.03.1998Denny Notre Dame97Marathon Sp St. Vincent’s70
 15.03.1998Star of the Sea92Denny Notre Dame74
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Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
05.10.1997Marathon Sports St. Vincemt’s90Dungannon Fliers81
05.10.1997Team Longnecks Ballina74Star of the Sea90
05.10.1997Killester83UCD Marian73
05.10.1997Kerry Spring Water Killarney67Denny Notre Dame83
Week 2
12.10.1997UCD Marian86Neptune80
12.10.1997Garvey’s Tigers Tralee91Team Longnecks Ballina81
12.10.1997Killester85Denny Notre Dame90
12.10.1997Kerry Spring Water Killarney74Dungannon75
12.10.1997Star of the Sea93Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s75
Week 3
17.10.1997Denny Notre Dame80UCD Marian60
19.10.1997Garvey’s Tralee Tigers74Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s78
19.10.1997Longnecks Ballina99Neptune69
19.10.1997Star of the Sea95Kerry Spring Water Killarney50
Week 4
26.10.1997Amev UCD-Marian93Dungannon94
26.10.1997Neptune95Denny Notre Dame112
26.10.1997Killester84Star of the Sea98
26.10.1997Kerry Spring Water Killarney96Garvey’s Tralee Tigers80
26.10.1997Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s95Longnecks Ballina115
Week 5
09.11.1997Amev UCD-Marian81Star of the sea90
09.11.1997Denny Notre Dame108Dungannon78
09.11.1997Garvey’s Tigers Tralee90Killester70
09.11.1997Longnecks Ballina81Kerry Spring Water Killarney77
09.11.1997Neptune84Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s87
Week 6
16.11.1997Denny Notre Dame93Star of the Sea84
16.11.1997Garvey’s Tigers Tralee60Amev-UCD Marian82
16.11.1997Longnecks Ballina85Killester102
16.11.1997Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s109Kerry Spring Water Killarney95
Week 7
23.11.1997Denny Notre Dame109Garvey’s Tigers Tralee83
23.11.1997Killester72Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s68
23.11.1997Kerry Spring Water Killarney89Neptune83
23.11.1997Dungannon77Star of the Sea87
23.11.1997Longnecks Ballina81Amev UCD-Marian77
Week 8
30.11.1997Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s91UCD-Marian93
30.11.1997Lomgnecks Ballina78Denny Notre Dame92
30.11.1997Garvey’s Tigers Tralee70Dungannon72
30.11.1997Killester76Kerry Spring Water Killarney89
30.11.1997Neptune91Star of the Sea107
Week 9
05.12.1997Denny Notre Dame99Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s85
07.12.1997Kerry Spring Water Killarney82Amev UCD-Marian81
07.12.1997Dungannon85Longnecks Ballina77
07.12.1997Star of the Sea92Garvey’s tigers Tralee89
Week 10
21.12.1997Denny Notre Dame83Kerry Spring Water Killarney83
21.12.1997Star of the Sea108Longnecks Ballina94
21.12.1997Amev UCD-Marian90Killester82
21.12.1997Garvey’s Tigers Tralee86Neptune83
21.12.1997Dungannon74Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s85
Week 11
04.01.1998Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s62Star of the Sea90
04.01.1998Denny Notre Dame78Killester85
04.01.1998Longnecks Ballina130Garvey’s Tigers Tralee97
Week 12
11.01.1998Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s97Garvey’s Tigers Tralee87
11.01.1998Neptune103Longnecks Ballina86
11.01.1998Amev UCD-Marian82Denny Notre Dame99
11.01.1998Kerry Spring Water Killarney82Star of the Sea106
11.01.1998Neptune95Garvey’s Tigers Tralee88
Week 13
18.01.1998Killester119Garvey’s Tigers Tralee103
18.01.1998Kerry Spring Water Killarney85Longnecks Ballina92
18.01.1998Dungannon81Denny Notre Dame93
18.01.1998Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s78Neptune88
18.01.1998Star of the Sea124Amev UCD-Marian88
Week 13 B
25.01.1998Dungannon71Kerry Spring Water Killarney75
Week 14
01.02.1998Denny Notre Dame85Neptune82
01.02.1998Dungannon86Amev UCD-Marian85
01.02.1998Longnecks Ballina85Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s87
01.02.1998Garvey’s Tigers Tralee86Kerry Spring Water Killarney72
01.02.1998Star of the sea113Killester80
Week 15
08.02.1998Star of the Sea100Denny Notre Dame83
08.02.1998Amev UCD-Marian99Garvey’s Tigers Tralee91
08.02.1998Killester98Longnecks Ballina82
08.02.1998Kerry Spring Water Killarney89Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s82
Week 16
15.02.1998Star of the Sea110Dungannon90
15.02.1998Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s91Killester82
15.02.1998Amev UCD-Marian94Longnecks Ballina95
15.02.1998Neptune96Kerry Spring Water Killarney90
15.02.1998Garvey’ds Tigers Tralee117Denny Notre Dame100
Week 17
22.02.1998Amev-UCD Marian95Kerry Spring Water Killarney81
22.02.1998Garvey’s Tigers Tralee68Star of the Sea81
22.02.1998Longnecks Ballina114Dungannon89
22.02.1998Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s100Denny Notre Dame69
Week 18
01.03.1998Amev UCD-Marian73Marathon Sports St. Vincent’s86
01.03.1998Denny Notre Dame115Longnecks Ballina84
01.03.1998Kerry Spring Water Killarney76Killester109
01.03.1998Dungannon101Garvey’s Tigers Tralee83
01.03.1998Star of the Sea97Neptune77
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Javan Dupree led Star of the Sea of Belfast to their first ever Irish Basketball Association Men’s Super League National Championship in 1997-98, running up a 17-1 regular season record (their only loss was a 93-84 loss to Denny Notre Dame in Week 6, which put the Tallaght side on top of the table on 6-0). After going 9-0 in the first half Denny faltered over Christmas and New Year’s, with back to back losses to Kerry Spring Water Killarney and Killester. Notre Dame stuck with Star through Week 14, just a game behind the Belfast side going into the big clash between the two in Week 15, which Star won 100-83 with 29 points by C Guitlar, 24 by G Maguire and 19 by Adrian Fulton. Another loss the following week for Denny meant the League title was wrapped up by Star in Week 16, and they went on to win the National Championships with a 92-74 victory over their nearest challengers on March 15th, Gareth Maguire scoring 23, C Guitlar 20 and John Leahy 18. Denny’s Americans, Randall Mounts (27) and Lennie McMillan were unable to stop them.

Starof the Sea 1998 [Reference: 24][Picture Credit: John Folan]



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Thanks to John Folan.

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