Irish Basketball Association | Roy Curtis International Tournament 1993

Semi-Finals & Final

DateHome TeamAway Team
20.11.1993Thames Valley Tigers63Oscar Taylors Killester61
20.11.1993Jameson St. Vincent’s70Delta Notre Dame68
5th Place
21.11.1993Astro Basket78Gambia54
3rd Place
21.11.1993Oscar Taylors Killester74Delta Notre Dame66
21.11.1993Thames Valley Tigers62Jameson St. Vincent’s45

Reference: [1;3]

Pool Tables

*Delta Notre Dame2201411154
*Thames Valley Tigers (Eng)2111391382
Astro Basket (Est)2021151420
*Oscar Taylors Killester2201341084
*Jameson St. Vincent’s2111311292

Reference: [2-3]

Pool Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
19.11.1993Thames Valley Tigers73Astro Basket66
20.11.1993Delta Notre Dame72Thames Valley Tigers66
20.11.1993Delta Notre Dame69Astro Basket49
19.11.1993Oscar Taylors Killester73Gambia51
20.11.1993Jameson St. Vincent’s74Gambia68
20.11.1993Oscar Taylors Killester61Jameson St. Vincent’s57

Reference: [2-3]


Newspapers / Sources

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Thanks to Rob Gihbu & Pat Connolly.

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