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Eirball.global Basketball is the Eirball – Irish, North American and World Sports Archive – website devoted to the all-time results, standings, statistics and records of Irish Basketball, Irish players abroad, and those who have come to Ireland. It includes Basketball-related World sports such as Netball, Korfball (Dutch variant), Ringball (South African variant), Cestoball (Argentinian variant) as well as the National Leagues (1973-Present), National Cups (including Wheelchair Cup) Area Boards (Local leagues), Schools and Colleges Basketball, All-Ireland Championships (Adult – 1950s to 1970s) and their replacement the All-Ireland Cup Competitions (Underage – 1970s to present), National Area Intermediate Cups, variations on Basketball such as 3×3 Basketball, Wheelchair Basketball, Mixed 5v5 Basketball. It also includes Ireland’s International record, Tournaments, Independent leagues, Special Olympics, Community Games, Macra Basketball, and much more.

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