National Basketball Association Preseason 2020-21

NBA Logo [Reference: 1]
NBA Logo [Reference: 1]

Preseason Standings

Atlantic Division
Brooklyn Nets (PD-J)2201.000
Philadelphia 76ers (PD-J)2201.000
New York Knicks431.750
Toronto Raptors321.667
Boston Celtics202.000
Central Division
Chicago Bulls (PD)431.750
Cleveland Cavaliers422.500
Detroit Pistons422.500
Indiana Pacers202.000
Milwaukee Bucks303.000
Southeast Division
Atlanta Hawks (PD)422.500
Orlando Magic422.500
Miami Heat211.500
Washington Wizards312.333
Charlotte Hornets413.250
Southwest Division
New Orleans Pelicans (PD)2201.000
Memphis Grizzlies431.750
Dallas Mavericks321.667
Houston Rockets211.500
San Antonio Spurs303.000
Northwest Division
Utah Jazz (PD)3301.000
Denver Nuggets211.500
Minnesota Timberwolves312.333
Portland Trailblazers413.250
Oklahoma City Thunder202.000
Pacific Division
Los Angeles Lakers (PD)4401.000
Golden State Warriors321.667
Sacramento Kings422.500
LA Clippers303.000
Phoenix Suns404.000
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Preseason Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Friday, 11 December 2020
11.12.2020Atlanta Hawks112Orlando Magic116
11.12.2020Detroit Pistons84New York Knicks90
11.12.2020Chicago Bulls84Houston Rockets125
11.12.2020Los Angeles Lakers87LA Clippers81
11.12.2020Portland Trail Blazers127Sacramento Kings102
Saturday, 12 December 2020
12.12.2020Charlotte Hornets100Toronto Raptors111
12.12.2020Cleveland Cavaliers107Indiana Pacers104
12.12.2020San Antonio Spurs108Oklahoma City Thunder121
12.12.2020Milwaukee Bucks102Dallas Mavericks112
12.12.2020Minnesota Timberwolves105Memphis Grizzlies112
12.12.2020Golden State Warriors105Denver Nuggets107
12.12.2020Utah Jazz119Phoenix Suns105
Sunday, 13 December 2020
13.12.2020Atlanta Hawks116Orlando Thunder107
13.12.2020Brooklyn Nets119Washington Wizards114
13.12.2020Detroit Pistons99New York Knicks91
13.12.2020Chicago Bulls94Houston Rockets101
13.12.2020Los Angeles Lakers131LA Clippers106
13.12.2020Portland Trail Blazers106Sacramento Kings121
Monday, 14 December 2020
14.12.2020Cleveland Cavaliers116Indiana Pacers106
14.12.2020Charlotte Hornets109Toronto Raptors122
14.12.2020Miami Heat92New Orleans Pelicans114
14.12.2020Milwaukee Bucks112Dallas Mavericks128
14.12.2020Minnesota Timberwolves104Memphis Grizzlies123
14.12.2020Utah Jazz111Phoenix Suns122
Tuesday, 15 December 2020
15.12.2020Philadelphia 76ers108Boston Celtics99
15.12.2020Houston Rockets112San Antonio Spurs98
15.12.2020Sacramento Kings114San Antonio Spurs113
Wednesday, 16 December 2020
16.12.2020New York Knicks100Cleveland Cavaliers93
16.12.2020Oklahoma City Thunder103Chicago Bulls124
16.12.2020Denver Nuggets126Portland Trail Blazers95
16.12.2020Phoenix Suns107Los Angeles Lakers112
Thursday, 17 December 2020
17.12.2020Orlando Magic115Charlotte Hornets123
17.12.2020Washington Wizards86Detroit Pistons97
17.12.2020Houston Rockets108San Antonio Spurs126
17.12.2020Memphis Grizzlies128Atlanta Hawks106
17.12.2020Dallas Mavericks127Minnesota Timberwolves129
17.12.2020Sacramento Kings107Golden State Warriors113
17.12.2020LA Clippers105Utah Jazz125
Friday, 18 December 2020
18.12.2020Indiana Pacers107Philadelphia 76ers113
18.12.2020Toronto Raptors105Miami Heat117
18.12.2020New York Knicks119Cleveland Cavaliers83
18.12.2020Boston Celtics89Brooklyn Nets113
18.12.2020New Orleans Pelicans127Milwaukee Bucks113
18.12.2020Oklahoma City Thunder103Chicago Bulls105
18.12.2020Denver Nuggets129Portland Trail Blazers96
18.12.2020Phoenix Suns113Los Angeles Lakers114
Saturday, 19 December 2020
19.12.2020Orlando Magic120Charlotte Hornets117
19.12.2020Washington Wizards99Detroit Pistons96
19.12.2020Memphis Grizzlies116Atlanta Hawks117
[Reference: 2


National Basketball Association Preseason 2020 Division Winners were Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers (2-0, Atlantic), Chicago Bulls (3-1, Central), Atlanta Hawks (2-2, Southeast), New Orleans Pelicans (2-0, Southwest), Utah Jazz (3-0, Northwest), and Los Angeles Lakers (4-0, Pacific)



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