Midland Area Basketball Board Men’s Division 2017-18


Old Leighlin16142102784544
Portlaoise Panthers Black16124102991939
Carlow Rock16971137101034
Portlaoise Panthers White1661088698628
Portlaoise Panthers Green155101095108925
Tullamore BC #162141009130419
Kildare Gliders #########1641248865615


Top Four Tournament

DateTeam Away Team 

Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
06.10.2017Carlow Rock97Tullamore BC66
08.10.2017Portlaoise Panthers White LitPol 
08.10.2017Carlow Rock72Portlaoise Panthers Black75
08.10.2017Portlaoise Panthers Green70Kildare Gliders77
 Week 2   
13.10.2017Old Leighlin66Tullamore BC56
 Week 3   
20.10.2017Old Leighlin66Kestrels56
 Week 4   
27.10.2017Kestrels46Kildare Gliders61
 Week 5   
02.11.2017Portlaoise Panthers Green114Tullamore BC82
03.11.2017Old Leighlin77Carlow Rock73
04.11.2017Tullamore BC69Kestrels72
05.11.2017Portlaoise Panthers White47Kildare Gliders56
05.11.2017Portlaoise Panthers Green68Portlaoise Panthers Black79
 Week 6   
11.11.2017Tullamore BC60Old Leighlin83
12.11.2017Kildare Gliders Portlaoise Panthers Black 
 Week 7   
17.11.2017Kestrels58Portlaoise Panthers Black74
19.11.2017Carlow Rock68Kildare Gliders66
 Week 8   
26.11.2017Carlow Rock86Kestrels45
26.11.2017Portlaoise Panthers White53Portlaoise Panthers Black70
 Week 9   
01.12.2017Old Leighlin65LitPol67
03.12.2017Portlaoise Panthers White Kestrels 
03.12.2017Kildare Gliders101Tullamore BC80
 Week 10   
09.12.2017Kestrels55Old Leighlin65
10.12.2017LitPol Carlow Rock 
 Week 11   
12.12.2017Portlaoise Panthers White56Portlaoise Panthers Green54
15.12.2017LitPol80Kildare Gliders63
17.12.2017Portlaoise Panthers Black LitPol 
17.12.2017Carlow Rock Portlaoise Panthers Green 
 Week 12   
 Week 13   
20.01.2018Tullamore82Portlaoise Panthers Black105
21.01.2018Portlaoise Panthers White42Carlow Rock58
21.01.2018LitPol77Old Leighlin70
 Week 14   
27.01.2018Old Leighlin82Portlaoise Panthers White70
28.01.2018Portlaoise Panthers Black76Carlow Rock61
28.01.2018Portlaoise Panthers Green61Old Leighlin74
28.01.2018Portlaoise Panthers White81Tullamore BC57
 Week 15   
04.02.2018Kildare Gliders0 #Portlaoise Panthers White20
04.02.2018LitPol114Tullamore BC69
 Week 16   
09.02.2018Kestrels73Tullamore BC64
11.02.2018Kildare Gliders0 #Carlow Rock20
11.02.2018Old Leighlin82Portlaoise Panthers Green74
11.02.2018Portlaoise Panthers Black67LitPol77
 Week 17   
15.02.2018Carlow Rock69Portlaoise Panthers White57
17.02.2018Tullamore BC0 #LitPol20
18.02.2018Kildare Gliders0 #Old Leighlin20
18.02.2018Portlaoise Panthers Green72Carlow Rock96
18.02.2018Portlaoise Panthers Black70Portlaoise Panthers White60
 Week 18   
24.02.2018Tullamore BC20Kildare Gliders0 #
25.02.2018Portlaoise Panthers Black79Portlaoise Panthers Green75
25.02.2018Portlaoise Panthers White68Old Leighlin77
25.02.2018Carlow Rock52LitPol61
 Week 19   
09.03.2018Portlaoise Panthers Green45Portlaoise Panthers White57
10.03.2018Old Leighlin20Kildare Gliders0 #
11.03.2018LitPol79Portlaoise Panthers Green84
 Week 20   
16.03.2018Portlaoise Panthers White62Kestrels51
18.03.2018Portlaoise Panthers Green77LitPol81
 Week 21   
25.03.2018Kildare Gliders0 #Kestrels20
25.03.2018Carlow Rock66Old Leighlin79
 Week 22   
30.03.2018Portlaoise Panthers Black72Kestrels58
01.04.2018LitPol89Carlow Rock82
01.04.2018Portlaoise Panthers Black101Tullamore BC72
 Week 23   
08.04.2018Carlow Rock74Portlaoise Panthers Green76
08.04.2018Portlaoise Panthers White40LitPol84
 Week 24   
10.04.2018LitPol96Portlaoise Panthers White54
14.04.2018Tullamore BC85Portlaoise Panthers Green131
15.04.2018LitPol91Portlaoise Panthers Black59
 Week 25   
20.04.2018Kestrels56Carlow Rock88
20.04.2018Old Leighlin20Portlaoise Panthers Black0 #
21.04.2018Tullamore BC73Portlaoise Panthers White71
22.04.2018Portlaoise Panthers Black20Kildare Gliders0 #
22.04.2018Kildare Gliders0 #Portlaoise Panthers Green20
22.04.2018Kildare Gliders0 #Portlaoise Panthers Black20
22.04.2018Portlaoise Panthers Green84Kestrels88
22.04.2018Portlaoise Panthers Black62Old Leighlin81
 Week 26   
27.04.2018Kestrels44Portlaoise Panthers Green49
28.04.2018Tullamore BC73Carlow Rock75
29.04.2018KestrelsPortlaoise Panthers White


Home Venues

TeamHome Venue
Carlow RockOld Leighlin Community Centre, Carlow
KestrelsColaiste Iosagain, Portarlington, Laois
Kildare GlidersSt. Conleth’s Community Centre, Newbridge, Kildare
LitPolClonaslee Community Centre, Laois
Old LeighlinOld Leighlin Community Centre, Carlow
Portlaoise Panthers BlackSt. Mary’s Hall. Portlaoise, Laois
Portlaoise Panthers GreenSt. Mary’s Hall. Portlaoise, Laois
Portlaoise Panthers WhiteSt. Mary’s Hall. Portlaoise, Laois
Tullamore BCMucknagh, Tullamore, Offaly





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