Dublin Ladies Basketball Board Senior 1 Division 2016-17

League Table

Killester16142  44
Liffey Celtics16124  40
Meteors One16115  38
Tigers16106  36
DCU Mercy1688  32
Tridents1679  30
Meteors Two1679  30
Firhouse16214  20
Tolka Rovers16115  18


Top Four Finals

DateHome Team Away Team 
22.04.2017Liffey Celtics45Meteors One50
23.04.2017Killester54Meteors One31


Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
30.09.2016Tolka Rovers46Killester73
 Week 2   
03.10.2016Meteors Two74Firhouse63
06.10.2016Meteors One34Liffey Celtics41
06.10.2016Tridents65Tolka Rovers49
 Week 3   
 Week 4   
17.10.2016Firhouse46Meteors One57
20.10.2016DCU Mercy55Tolka Rovers38
20.10.2016Tigers55Meteors Two41
 Week 5   
24.10.2016Killester31Meteors One41
24.10.2016Meteors Two52Tridents54
27.10.2016DCU Mercy66Firhouse51
 Week 6   
03.11.2016Meteors One45Tigers30
 Week 7   
08.11.2016Tigers54Liffey Celtics43
10.11.2016DCU Mercy47Meteor Two58
 Week 8   
17.11.2016Meteors One57DCU Mercy36
17.11.2016Tolka Rovers48Liffey Celtics62
 Week 9   
21.11.2016Meteors Two63Tolka Rovers34
24.11.2016Meteors One45Tridents46
 Week 10   
28.11.2016Liffey Celtics53Meteors Two52
29.11.2016Tigers59DCU Mercy46
01.12.2016DCU Mercy53Killester41
01.12.2016Tolka Rovers40Meteors One63
 Week 11   
07.12.2016Killester51Meteors Two46
08.12.2016Tolka Rovers41Tigers59
08.12.2016DCU Mercy37Liffey Celtics70
 Week 12   
12.12.2016Meteors Two40Meteors One48
12.12.2016Firhouse47Liffey Celtics62
12.12.2016Firhouse50Tolka Rovers53
15.12.2016Tridents51Liffey Celtics59
 Week 15   
05.01.2017Meteors One71Tolka Rovers23
 Week 16   
12.01.2017Meteors One58Firhouse42
12.01.2017DCU Mercy55Tridents31
 Week 17   
16.01.2017Liffey Celtics52Killester61
19.01.2017Liffey Celtics50Meteors One41
19.01.2017Tolka Rovers50Tridents57
 Week 18   
26.01.2017Tolka Rovers38Meteors Two52
 Week 19   
30.01.2017Killester48Liffey Celtics32
02.02.2017Meteors One42Meteors Two34
02.02.2017Tridents63DCU Mercy56
 Week 20   
06.02.2017Liffey Celtics59Firhouse48
 Week 21   
13.02.2017Meteors Two53Tigers51
16.02.2017Tolka Rovers41DCU Mercy50
 Week 22   
20.02.2017Liffey Celtics62Tridents41
 Week 23   
27.02.2017Liffey Celtics51DCU Mercy59
27.02.2017Killester63Tolka Rovers44
02.03.2017Meteors Two59Killester62
02.03.2017DCU Mercy53Meteors One43
 Week 24   
06.03.2017Liffey Celtics52Tolka Rovers42
06.03.2017Firhouse43DCU Mercy58
09.03.2017Meteors One39Killester66
09.03.2017DCU Mercy20#Tigers30
 Week 25   
13.03.2017Meteors Two69DCU Mercy51
13.03.2017Liffey Celtics56Tigers49
16.03.2017Tolka Rovers62Firhouse69
 Week 26   
20.03.2017Killester30DCU Mercy20#
20.03.2017Firhouse56Meteors Two63
 Week 27   
23.03.2017Tridents37Meteors One68
 Week 28   
27.03.2017Meteors Two50Liffey Celtics52
28.03.2017Tigers72Tolka Rovers53
30.03.2017Tigers20#Meteors One30



TeamHome Court
DCU MercyColaiste Dhulaigh, Coolock
FirhouseFirhouse Community Centre, D24
KillesterSt. David’s, Artane
Liffey CelticsConfey GAA, Leixlip, Co. Kildare
Meteors OneColaiste Iosagain, Stillorgan
Meteors TwoSt. Columba’s College
TigersMaynooth Post Primary, Co. Kildare
Tolka RoversSt. Aiden’s Secondary School, Collins Ave, D9
TridentsIT Blanchardstown





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