Swim Ireland Water Polo MNLD1 Men’s National League Division 1 2021-22

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SIWP MNLD1 Swim Ireland Water Polo Men's National League Division 1 2021-22

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October Recap

Cathal Brugha (Belfast, 12 Points) and Corrib (Galway, 9 Points) were both 100% at the end of October in the Swim Ireland Water Polo 2021-22 Men’s National League Division 1, with their crucial encounter coming up on the 6th November. North Dublin were in third on 6 points having lost only one game to leaders Cathal Brugha. St. Vincent’s (Glasnevin, Dublin) were on 3 points following a sole victory over Sandycove SC (Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, Dublin) who were pointless along with Drogheda WPC and Cú Chulainn.

November Recap

St. Vincent’s joined Cathal Brugha on 9 points with a 6-4 win over North Dublin, and another challenger to Cathal Brugha besides North Dublin, Corrib, also faltered with a 9-10 loss to Sandycove who moved to 6 points. In the third match, between the two pointless teams, Drogheda and Cú Chulainn, the Belfast team won a close game 11-10, with Cú Chulainn coming from 9-3 down mid-way through the 3rd quarter for their first win of the season (match report available)

January / February Recap

North Dublin recorded two good wins, 17-9 versus Corrib and 10-6 at Cathal Brugha to move to 12 points. The game against Cathal Brugha in particular was a big win, coming away to the Irish Senior Cup winners (match report available). North Dublin’s attack was excellent in the win, which was Cathal Brugha’s first loss of the season. The Corrib game two weeks previously saw North Dublin race into a 5-0 lead after the first quarter and 9-1 at halftime, winning 17-9 at the end thanks to some clinical finishing (match report available).

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Water polo action in a swimming pool

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