Leinster Squash League | Premier Women 2013-2017

LSL Ladies Premier 2013-14

Sutton Ladies A1293011860127
Westwood Ladies A1284010566113
Fitzwilliam Ladies A129309779106
Sutton Ladies B123906610369
Westwood Ladies B1211104412245


LSL Ladies Premier 2014-15

Sutton Ladies A12111012062131
Fitzwilliam Ladies A1275010868115
Mount Pleasant Ladies A12570789783
Westwood Ladies A1211104412345


LSL Ladies Premier 2015-16

Fitzwilliam Ladies A12111012462135
Sutton Ladies A1293011760126
Mount Pleasant Ladies A1275010072107
Westwood Ladies A123907010073
Sutton Ladies B1201201913619


LSL Ladies Premier 2016-17

Sutton Ladies A12111011559126
Fitzwilliam Ladies A12102011360123
Trinity College Ladies A12570749379
Mount Pleasant Ladies A11380689769
Westwood Ladies A1101104410544





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