Federation Internationale de Basket Europe | European Champions Cup 1961-1986

FIBA European Champions Cup 1961-62

First Round   
Belfast Celtic62Antwerpse (Bel)82
Antwerpse (Bel)144Belfast Celtic60

FIBA European Champions Cup 1962-63

First Round   
Belfast Celtic44Alsace Bagnolet (Fra)101
Alsace Bagnolet (Fra)115Belfast Celtic31

FIBA European Champions Cup 1963-64

First Round   
Belfast Celtic73Real Madrid (Esp)102
Real Madrid (Esp)107Belfast Celtic46

FIBA European Champions Cup 1964-65

First Round   
IR Rekjavik (Isl)71Belfast Celtic17
Belfast Celtic47IR Rekjavik (Isl)63

FIBA European Champions Cup 1965-66

First Round   
Collegians Belfast51Denain-Voltaire78
Denain-Voltaire74Collegians Belfast33

FIBA European Champions Cup 1966-67

First Round   
Collegians Belfast0Herly Amsterdam (Ned)2
Herly Amsterdam (Ned)2Collegians Belfast0
Note: Collegians withdrew before 1st leg

FIBA European Champions Cup 1985-86

First Round   
Neptune84Klosterneuberg (Aut)99
Klosterneuberg (Aut)83Neptune94


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Thanks to Ciaran Simms.

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