Dunboyne and District Darts League 2010-2011

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DDDL 2010

Judge N Jury (LF)1412118837
Lawless (LSF)1412118137
County Club (LQF)149146828
Mulvannys 1 (LQF)147165622
O’Dwyers (KF)146175119
Johnstown (KSF)144284913
Bradys (KSF)142111317
Mulvannys 2 (KSF)140113241
[References: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
Knockout Final
DateHome TeamAway Team
League Final
2010Judge N JuryLLawlessW
[References: 2]

Playoff Champions 2010: Lawless

DDDL 2011

DDDL 2011PWDLLegsPts
Judge N Jury (LF)1412119137
Lawlesses (LSF)1410227932
County Club (LQF)149326830
O’Dwyers (LQF)146455722
Mulvannys (Green) (KF)146265620
Bradys (KQF)143011349
GAA (KQF)143011329
Mulvannys (Gold) (KSF)141112304
[References: 2]
DateHome TeamAway Team
Playoff for 6-7 Places
Knockout Quarter-Final
2011GAA0Mulvannys (Gold)5
Knockout Semi-Final
2011BradysMulvannys Gold
Knockout Final
2011Mulvannys Green??
[References: 2]
DateHome TeamAway Team
League Quarter-Final
2011County Club2O’Dwyers5
League Semi-Final
League Final
2011Judge N JurySemi-Final winner
[References: 2]


Lawless defeated Judge N Jury in the 2010 Dunboyne & District Darts League Final, and O’Dwyers were Knockout Champions. The 2011 League Final was to also feature Judge N Jury and either Lawless or O’Dwyers who were to meet in the League Semi-Final. Mulvannys Green were through to the Knockout Final.



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