group of lacrosse players celebrating with coach during daytime

British Columbia Junior Lacrosse League Final Tables 1997-1999

BCJLL 1997

British Columbia Junior Lacrosse League 1997

1Burnaby Lakers19138
2Port Coquitlam Saints17334
3Coquitlam Adanacs101020
4New Westminster Salmonbellies81216
5Victoria Shamrocks61412
6South Fraser Stickmen0200

BCJLL 1998

BCJLL British Columbia Junior Lacrosse League 1998

1Burnaby Lakers25050
2Port Coquitlam Saints141029
3South Fraser Stickmen111323
4Coquitlam Adanacs101520
5Victoria Shamrocks81716
6New Westminster Salmonbellies61912

Note: One Tie Between Port Coquitlam Saints and South Fraser Stickmen not shown in Standings

BCJLL 1999

BCJLL British Columbia Junior Lacrosse League 1999

1Burnaby Lakers25050
2Victoria Shamrocks17834
3South Fraser Stickmen131127
4New Westminster Salmonbellies91618
5Port Coquitlam Saints81518
6Coquitlam Adanacs1233

Note: Two Ties not shown in Standings: South Fraser Stickmen v Coquitlam Saints and Port Coquitlam Saints v Coquitlam Adanacs


Of interest to Irish readers in the British Columbia Junior Lacrosse League of 1997 to 1999 is the Victoria Shamrocks, a team to replace the Victoria Eagles and given the name of Ireland’s National Flower. Based in the biggest city on Vancouver Island, off the West Coast of Canada in British Columbia, the Shamrocks went 6-14 in their debut season, finishing 5th of 6 teams, four points behind New Westminster Salmonbellies but well ahead of South Fraser Stickmen.

In their second season in 1998 the Shamrocks won 8 games out of 25, again finishing 5th of 6, ahead of New Westminster Salmonbellies this time, but four points behind Coquitlam Adonacs. A big improvement for the Shamrocks was seen in their third season, when they finished second behind Burnaby Lakers with a 17-8 record, seven points ahead of third-placed South Fraser Stickmen.

There were no playoffs from 1997 to 1999 after a brief introduction in 1996, but the playoffs were to return in 2000. The Champions every year, Burnaby Lakers (going 69-1 during this three-year span), represented British Columbia in the Minto Cup for the Canadian Junior Lacrosse Championship, twice ,losing to Whitby Warriors (1997 and 1999) and winning the Championship in 1998 at the expense of Six Nations Arrows.

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group of lacrosse players celebrating with coach during daytime
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Thanks to Dave Stewart-Candy (Old School Lacrosse)


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